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Forgotten Car Features | Extinct Car Features We Want Back

Car Features Need To Comeback

The automakers now provide us with impressive new features. These techy gadgets are also popular among the customers. But back in time there were little features that made the cars memorable. The features back then made cars look more classy and beautiful. We miss this car features and want to see them on the cars of the future. We hope car makers use this design elements again and couldn’t help being not just nostalgic, but wistful, about this straightforward features. Here is the list of features we wish would make a comeback. Which of these do you really remember ? Do let us know.

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1. Chrome

Forgotten Car Features | Extinct Car Features We Want Back

One of the most stylish feature in the cars back then were the Chrome bumpers. Specifically in the 1950s the chrome bumpers were a significant statement. The sparkle of the bumper in the sun looked lovely. Notably, it also protected your car. The distinctive look this bumpers provided to the cars need no special mention. The wild grille design, high tail fins and incredible crome bumpers made a bold car and we simply miss them.

2. Steam Gauges

Forgotten Car Features | Extinct Car Features We Want Back

The sport cars back then had a bunch of gauges that made them real awesome. That little need which tells you how fast the engine is spinning can make you go crazy. When you step on the gas and see those RPMs climb and then watch the speedometer creep up in numbers, it is a satisfying feeling. One can never replace that moment in motoring. But now, the computer decides what to show you and this digital numbers don’t convince us.

3. Dashboard, Dials And Buttons

Forgotten Car Features | Extinct Car Features We Want Back

The consumers nowadays go crazy for infotainment system in their new cars. The not so cool big computer screens make it difficult to navigate through some basic functions. There’s a favourite song of yours on the radio but you have to take your eyes off the road and find the option for volume up. This was simple with dials back in time. The dials easily go up and down and so does the volume. No annoying touchscreens, no identical apps just a simple and moderate feature.

4. Pop Up Lights

Forgotten Car Features | Extinct Car Features We Want Back

We are talking about stylish car features and how can one forget the Pop up headlights. These pop up lights served not only functionality but added effortless grace. These headlights were staple of sports car style. It shaped a different character to a car. However, safety regulations killed the pop up headlights. The industry has now shifted to led lights which look aggressive with the grille front. But there are many modern cars which would look fantastic with this pop up headlights.

5. Cheap Fun Cars

Forgotten Car Features | Extinct Car Features We Want Back

The listed features where ahead of their time. This features put up a premium feel to the cars. On the other hand, cars nowadays are expensive. Simple tech cars and the base models too goes out of our budget and with time they are getting more expensive. The cars back then where cheap yet fun to drive. The inflation with time has definitely affected all classes. We will totally love to drive fast, enthusiastic and powerful cars that don’t cost us much.

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