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The Greatest Car World Records | Insane Car World Records

There are many types of world records that are done by cars. Like the fastest car or the fastest 0-60 mph. But here are some insane and crazy world records that you ever expected.

1. Barrel Roll

This stunt is something close to impossible and is a high risk-taking thing. Under the perfect condition and building ramp, this stunt can be achieved. This is what Jaguar did at the launch of the E-Pace. Where they did the longest car barrel roll and created a world record in 2017.

2. Twowheel Drive

Car World Record

This record was created at the Nurburgring, also called the green hell. This is a 21km(13 miles) track with 160 turns, which makes it the hell of a track. A Chinese racing driver Han U actually drove a mini copper balancing on two wheels for the whole lap.

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3. Higher Altitudes

Car World Record

The next record is not actually done by a truck and not a car. This is because cars need more oxygen to burn fuel to make power. This record is made by the team of 2 Unimog by driving up this highest volcano in the world in Chile. They didn’t stop until they reached over 6694m above sea level (21961.94 ft.)

4. Heaviest Car

Car World Record

The Maybach S 600 armored car holds a world record for the heaviest car in the world. It weighs around 5.6 tonnes due to the extra armor, which is twice heavy as its base version.

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5. Towing Fast

Car World Record

Towing is fun, risky at high speeds. But what if we do it on snow? In 2017 a world record was set by towing a professional skier with a Jaguar XF sports break. They did it by towing the person at more than 117 mph speed.

6. Smallest Of All

Car World Record

Today’s mini-cars are absolutely massive as compared to the world’s small production car ever. Which is the peel p50 and as a length half of a meter. This car was a three-wheel one car with one seat and an engine from a scooter.

7. Highest Travel

Car World Record

As we saw the smallest car, here’s a car that has done over 3.2 million miles. It’s the Volvo 1800 S from 1966 and this record is further than driving to the moon 13 times,

8. Space Travel

Car World Record

Here’s one more car that has done many more miles than anyone. It’s the tesla roadster that Elon Musk launched in space in 2018. This car has done more than 790 million miles.

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9. Reverse Gear

Car World Record

How far you can jump a car in reverse? imagine driving a car in reverse. But someone at General Motor has created a world record of high jump in reverse, in a Chev Aveo. They managed to make a jump of 27.2 meters and set a new world record.

10. Lown Go-ver

Car World Record

The next one is a lawnmower, but not a regular one. It’s the fastest lawnmower which is built by the engineers at honda. They built a bespoke chassis for in and fitted in with a 999cc engine from a superbike, producing 200 horsepower. This lawnmower is capable of doing over 150 mph and 0-60 mph in 3.1secs.

11. Parallel Parking

Car World Record

This world record needed perfect accuracy. A professional driver called Alistair Moffat did a handbrake turn and fit a fiat 500c into a 362cm gap.


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