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6 Cheap High School Cars With Insane Transformation

Today’s High School kids buy cars that are affordable and are fun to drive, which have dope body looks too.

This blog is not about the small tuner upgrades but up to engine swapping mods. These all cars are cheap to buy but also can be modified to the next level. For young high schoolers, car mods are a trend and have a high demand. Buying cheap cars and transforming it into a sports car that is amazing as well as unique. The cars in this list have been modified using a body kit and engine upgrades.

1. BMW Z3

This car can be bought for 3000 euros($3466.22 USD). An additional $7000 USD you can transform into a Bertini GT 25. If you aren’t able to assemble your own Bertini offers your a pack of $10,000 USD where you can makeover your car by just driving your Z3 to them.

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2. Infiniti G35

Cheap Car Mods

You might have seen this car in the movie Suicide Squad where joker drove in one of the scenes. This car was actually a used Infiniti G35 with a Widebody kit. You can get a used Infiniti G35 for $7,000 to $10,000 USD. This mod can be done for $36,000 USD.

3. Shelby Cobra replica

Cheap Car Mods

For every high school kid, nothing is best than a Shelby cobra. You can buy a 2000 or 2004 ford mustang GT for $4000 to $8000 USD and can turn it into a Cobra with the help of a kit from Factory Five. The cost of the kit is $19,000 USD and is a perfect replica of the Shelby Cobra on the market. The are many dealers and car mod shops that will help you out building one.

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4. Toyota MR2 spider

Cheap Car Mods

This car is for the UK people, if you are not able to buy a Ferrari then this is a nice alternative as well. But yes Ferrari is Ferrari no doubt. Building one of these? DNA automotive will help you out doing so. First, grab your hand over a Toyota MR2 spider for $2000 to $6,000 USD and pick up either a 360 or 430 kit from DNA automotive. The finished build will cost about $25,000 USD. And if you want to engine swap, yes you can.

5. Subaru Impreza

Cheap Car Mods

This car can be your perfect street-legal gocart. First, buy a 2002 or 2007 Suburu Impreza for over $5000 USD anywhere in the car market. For an additional $10000 to $12,000 USD turn it into a Factory five 818R or 818 coupes. This kit looks super amazing and the car will weigh only 118 kilograms.

6. Corvette C5

Cheap Car Mods

This last car is for those kids who are hard-working or if you got a parent who will buy it for you. You can fix a Corvette C5 for $11,000 to $24,000 USD depending on the model which makes it a cool car. You can fit a factory five GT m widebody kit which costs $25,000 USD and using a C 5 0 six engine it will do 0-60 mph in 3.4 secs.

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