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Mazda Miata Coupe: JDM Icon, Rare As A Unicorn

If anyone properly utilized the rotary engines into mass production cars, it is Mazda. Over the course of time, Mazda has produced many great cars like the MX-5, RX-7, and the RX-8. While some people will argue that RX-8 is not an icon, everyone would agree that the MX-5 is an icon. Though called MX-5 in Japan, it was sold in the other parts of the world as the ‘Miata’. In the U.S. Mazda Miata is considered one of the perfect starter cars to learn to upgrade your car.

Over the years, there have been four generations of the Miata. The fourth-generation (now sold as MX-5) launched in 2014 and has won several awards to date. The car is available as a rear-wheel-drive sports roadster. But did you know that Mazda once made a coupe version of the Miata too? That’s what we are going to talk about today:-


Mazda Miata Coupe: JDM Icon, Rare As A Unicorn

In 1996, Mazda Engineers had an idea of making a coupe version of the Miata (First-gen i.e. NA roadster). Thus the Miata M Coupe was born. It was a One-off concept car and no production version was made. But in 2003, Mazda decided to make a fixed-roof Miata and this was the result. Only this time, it went into production.


Mazda Miata Coupe: JDM Icon, Rare As A Unicorn

It is kind of a coupe conversion of the roadster, but official. So every decision was taken after heavy calculations. It gets a fixed hardtop roof and reworked body structure. This gives the Miata Coupe an increased chassis rigidity and a 10 kg weight increase.

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Trims and Performance

Mazda Miata Coupe: JDM Icon, Rare As A Unicorn

The Mazda Miata Coupe comes in four trims; Standard, Type-S, Type-A and Type-E. The standard model is powered by a 1.6 litre naturally aspirated four cylinder engine that makes 120 HP and 100 pound feet of torque. It is mated with a five speed manual transmission. The Type-S model gets a 1.8 litre engine mated with six-speed manual transmission. Type E is the only version to come with a four-speed automatic trasmission.

Limited Production

Can you believe that Mazda set different production targets for each trim? They wanted to manufacture 200 cars of the sportier Type-A and the Type-E was supposed to be limited at 150 Units. But in the turn of events, the whole production number was between both decided goals. Only 179 coupes were ever built. Out of which 53 were standard models, less than 10 were Type-E, 50 Type-A and remaining being the Type-S models.

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Due to the limted production, not many people know about this one. That’s what makes it a very rare car. The words ‘Roadster’ and ‘Coupe’ have different meanings when used separately; but in the case of Mazda Miata, one can say it makes sense by looking at its unusual shape.


Looking back in the day, the Mazda Miata Coupe feels cool to look at. Still, it is unclear whether Mazda would return to make a sports coupe like this one again. It seems like the latest Miata; uh sorry, MX-5 RF is carrying the legacy forward. But it is actually taking the baton from the gen-1 Miata and carrying it forward, skipping the NB Miata Coupe. Let’s hope Mazda makes something like the NB Roadster Coupe again, because its design still looks fresh and cool. Maybe make the coupe return with electric drivetrain; is it possible, Mazda? If yes, then please do it..

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