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Chevy Corvette C8 Flips Toyota Pickup Onto Its Roof In Big Crash

No one was seriously hurt.

Nobody likes being stuck behind a line of slow-moving traffic going much below the posted speed limit. Yes, it’s inconvenient and inconvenient, but passing many cars against traffic is also dangerous, as one Chevy Corvette C8 driver experienced recently in California. The driver attempted to pass many vehicles at the same time, but the leading Toyota had other ideas.

The Corvette driver was attempting to pass three slower-moving vehicles while the lead Toyota Pickup was slowing to make a left-hand turn into a parking lot, according to a Facebook post by the California Highway Patrol. The Corvette driver did not observe the Toyota driver turning in front of him, and the two crashed. The Corvette smashed into the driver’s side of the Toyota, flipping the pickup onto its roof, according to authorities.

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The Toyota had three occupants inside who received minor to moderate injuries. All three were transported to the hospital for treatment. The Corvette driver received minor injuries, which were treated at the scene. Police then treated the Corvette driver to a citation for making an unsafe driving maneuver.

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Neither vehicle looks particularly well after the wreck. The Corvette’s front clip is destroyed, with the passenger side completely crushed in. The wheel is broken and pushed toward the passenger compartment. The Toyota Pickup doesn’t appear as bad, though it looks like the accident bent the truck’s frame. The tailgate and bumper look pretty beat up, too, but that might not be damage from this accident.  

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The crash is a good reminder to always keep your head on a swivel when driving as you have no idea where another car will appear. Drivers shouldn’t speed on public roads either, even if you’re running behind. It’s not an excuse. The police concluded its Facebook post by reminding people to “drive with caution and care. Get to where you are going safety. There’s no need to rush.” A little more patience may have saved the Toyota and Corvette.

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