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10 Benefits Of Electric Vehicles | Advantages Of Electric Vehicles Over ICE Vehicles

In the last couple of years, electric vehicles have become a subject of discussion due to various socio-economic and ecological factors. As there is the depletion in conventional energy sources more and more countries are shifting towards electric mobility. Conversion of energy from electricity is more efficient as compared to that from petrol. In this blog, we’ve mentioned 10 benefits of electric vehicles over normal vehicles.

1. Mileage Fluctuation

Usually, the vehicles running on petrol or diesel engines witnesses mileage fluctuation. The mileage fluctuation generally occurs due to poor maintenance or and problem in internal parts or external parts of the vehicle. (Ambien) Such type of problem doesn’t occur in an electric vehicle, there is no mileage drop if the driver drives the vehicle according to the suitable conditions.

2. Breakdown Issue

Breakdown mostly occurs due to poor maintenance or also by failure of internal parts. On the other side, in the electric vehicles, the power is provided by the battery and there is no such complications with the designs and structures. Therefore, there are very rare chances of breakdown in an electric vehicle.

3. Low maintenance

In the case of the petrol or diesel engine vehicles, there are many parts which require periodic maintenance. On the other hand, in electric vehicles, there are almost no parts that require a periodic maintenance and also if required their cost is very low compared to the petrol or diesel vehicles.

4. Zero Emission

The vehicles that run on a petrol or diesel engine emit gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide that are harmful to both us humans and environment. The electric vehicles do not emit any type of harmful gases as there is no burning of any type of fuel. Hence, they are eco-friendly and are therefore promoted by the government too.

5. Safer riding and driving experience

Compared to vehicles with petrol or diesel engines, the electric vehicles are lighter in weight as there are less number of internal parts present in the vehicle. Due to this, the electric vehicles have a low centre of gravity and hencr the EVs are slightly more stable than the normal vehicles on the road.

6. Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can cause physiological as well as psychological damage in human beings, KSCST said, adding that high blood pressure, hearing loss, stress-related illness and sleep disruption are among the common effects. The electric vehicle produce almost no noise while riding or even in traffic.

7. Recharging Convenience

Who wouldn’t be happy if there’s a vehicle charging station near your house that makes possible to charge the vehicle atleast once in a day. There is a rapid increase in number of charging stations in the country, also, EVs provide a sufficient range of mileage in one charge.

8. Cost Effective

In order to make EVs cost effective and to promote them government has launched many subsidies regarding the electric vehicles. The RTO also has cutt-off the charges and registration fees for electric vehicles. In addition, the maintanance is low, also, it is way more affordable to charge an EV rather than refueling a petrol or diesel vehicle.

9. Non-conventional Source of Energy

As Electric Vehicles run on the electricity, rather than burning of fuels and oils, it becomes a conventional source of energy. Electricity becomes a conventional source in this case as there is no limit to its creation.

10. Cost of Battery and Battery Life

Batteries are one of the more expensive components in an electric vehicle. However, since past few years there’s an notable increase in the electric auto manufacturers and hence the battery prduction rate has increase and the prices of batteries have been decreased making it more affordable for the consumer.


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