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Geely’s Galaxy EV Luxury Debuts Light BEV Study, L7 PHEV

China’s Geely launches a new range of premium electrified vehicles that it’s calling Galaxy. Within the next two years, the brand plans to release seven models from this range, with three of them making their debut in 2023. However, Geely is currently disclosing the least information about the fully electric Light concept (shown above), which is arguably the most intriguing vehicle of the group.

The first products from the Galaxy lineup to hit the market are plug-in hybrid models. In the second quarter of 2023, an SUV named the L7 will be introduced in China. In the third quarter, the L8 sedan joins it there.

The first fully electric model in this lineup, the Galaxy E8, will debut in the fourth quarter. Geely hasn’t yet released any details about the battery or engine.

Geely’s announcement provides no additional information about the Light concept besides the images. A 2022 teaser video (shown below) provides some potential information about it. The sedan would be similar to products from other Geely-owned brands like Volvo, Polestar, Lotus, and Zeekr because it is said to be built on the automaker’s Sustainable Experience Architecture.

The NordThor 8848 powertrain from Geely would be used in the PHEV versions. There aren’t many details provided by the business about it. The configuration would enable a maximum speed of 124 mph and a 6.2-second acceleration to 62 mph (200 kph). With a tank of gasoline and a full battery, the maximum range is 851 miles (1,370 kilometers).

All of the Galaxy vehicles, according to Geely, will profit from the newest technology. This includes the battery pack’s Aegis battery safety system, which guards against thermal runaways and safeguards it from direct hits. They would use the 0.5 second startup time Galaxy N Operating System.

At this time, Geely is making no mention of offering the Galaxy models outside of China. It already offers products from other brands in other regions.


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