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What Does The ‘GT’ Badge On Cars Mean?

Being the most overused badging in automotive history, does it even have a real meaning?

  • GT stands for Grand Turismo or Grand Touring.
  • Term was coined by an Italian.
  • The first GT car was an Alpha Romeo.

Whether it’s a Volkswagen or a Mercedes AMG, practically every manufacturer has at least one vehicle that bears the GT moniker. However, one must ask what these letters actually imply. Why are they being used by everyone? What does it all mean?

What is the meaning of “GT” today?

GT might practically signify anything in today’s society, which may surprise you. Although this phrase formerly had true significance, by the 1980s, it had begun to lose it. This was merely owing to the fact that it was misused or applied incorrectly on automobiles. Today, however, it is mostly dependent on the automobile manufacturer. For some, it explicitly refers to the phrase “Sportscar,” but for others, it may refer to a car that is a little sportier than the ordinary manufacture of the model. The GT emblem may also be found on some of the world’s fastest and most powerful automobiles. End of the day, it’s use can range from a little sporty trim of a car to an outright street-legal race machine, it is used in a racing video game to titles in racing series.

What did “GT” mean back in the day?

The initials GT stood for Grand Turismo or Grand Touring. An Italian was the one who invented the word. It was a car that lay in between a supersport hypercar and a luxury car, according to GT. A GT should have a large engine with a large displacement, as well as a smooth ride, a luxurious interior, and a clever body design. It must have the ability to take a corner like a sports vehicle while still being able to absorb bumps in the road and deliver a smooth ride. It must be able to travel across a continent at high speeds and comfort while also passing through a mountain pass fast.

The Origin

The first automobile to hone the GT name was the Alpha Romeo 6c 1750 GT. This car came into production in 1930 with two different engine variants. The lesser powerful variant came with a SOHC engine and was given the name Touring, whereas the more powerful variant came with a DOHC. The c6 was the original GT car and even participated in major racing events with podium finishes.


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