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Gurmeet Ram Raheem Car Collection

Gurmeet Ram Raheem made headlines in 2017 after being charged with rape and murder. The saint, however, was found guilty and imprisoned. Since 1990, he has been the spiritual leader of Dera Sacha Sauda, a religious cult. We take a look at Gurmeet ram Raheem’s automobile collection as he remains one of the most interesting personalities thanks to his MSG series! There isn’t a single ordinary automobile in this group. We assume he used to live and reign in his own universe within DSS. He’s got one of the most bizarre automobiles you’ll ever see!

Disclaimer: Genuine car modification fans should proceed reading at their own risk!

1. Hyundai Santro

Hyundai never imagined that someone would do such a thing to a car that is so dear to so many people’s hearts! Santro was most of us’s first car, and we’ve all modified it in some way. Could you imagine someone one day transforming Santro into this “masterpiece”? We’re still stumped as to what Ram Rahim envisions. Those who assume it’s a Mercedes-Benz knockoff should know that those headlights belong to a Hyundai Sonata!

2. Bugatti Veyron (Is it?)

In India, there is no Bugatti Veyron, as we previously said. The one in the image above is a bizarre design that would send real designers into a deep comma!
Ram Raheem tried to make this Honda Accord appear like a Bugatti Veyron by painting it green and yellow. Was he successful? You are the most qualified judge!

3. Honda City

We’re still baffled as to what Ram Raheem was thinking when he created this! While we can’t figure out what’s so royal about this car, he calls it the ‘Royal Concept.’ We really hope that this notion is never put into production (we know it never will). To be clear, a Honda City was sacrificed in the making of this video. Isn’t it sad?

4. Hummer (or a Jeep?)

Ram Raheem seemed to be having a great time driving this automobile from his collection. He tried to make it look like a Hummer, and he thinks he succeeded to a large extent (at least that’s what he thinks!).
We’re still not sure which automobile had to give up its life and personality in order for him to realise his ambition of owning a Hummer.

5. Maruti Suzuki Gypsy

Gypsy culture is a cult. There isn’t much more to say about India’s own off-roader. Who’d have guessed someone could do such a thing to our favourite off-roader! The Gypsy has been modified by Gurmeet Ram Raheem, and the result is what you see above. The door handles are from a Mahindra XUV500, while the headlights are from a Honda Civic! Gypsy, without a doubt, does not deserve this treatment. What are your thoughts on this change? Please leave a comment below.

6. Sahib-E-Dil

The “Sahib-e-Dil” is another offering by MSG. We have no idea what this car’s foundation is made of, and putting out the effort to figure out what’s within was just not worth it! Below is a photo of his collection, which includes some of India’s strangest automobiles.

MSG also has a dish called “Sahib-e-Dil.” We have no idea what this car’s base is built of, and it’s just not worth the effort to find out what’s within! A snapshot of his collection, which includes some of India’s oddest autos, is seen below.


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