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Honda, Mahindra To Discontinue These 8 Models By April 2023

With Jazz, WR-V, 4th Gen City gone, Honda will be left with just 5th Gen City and Amaze sedans and that too with petrol engines only.

The transition from BS4 to stricter BS6 standards posed a significant challenge for the Indian automotive industry. Many diesel engines had to be retired because they could not meet stricter emission standards. Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest automaker, has even gone completely diesel-free, including its recently launched 1.5L DDIS 320.

If you think the hard part was over, it was just the beginning. Norms that went into effect in April 2020 were only phase one of the transition, with phase two set to begin in April 2023. Cars should meet by April 2023.

Honda And Mahindra To Discontinue 8 Cars

Powertrains that made it through phase 1 will be phased out in phase 2 if demand is low. Honda and Mahindra appear to be losing more vehicles than other manufacturers. Let’s take a look at eight vehicles that will be phased out of the Indian market. Skoda and Hyundai are each removing two models from their lineups. Tata, Maruti Suzuki, Renault, Nissan, and Toyota are all removing one model from their respective lineups. This is due to low demand and economies of scale, which will not allow for additional changes to bring them into compliance with phase 2 of the BS6 transition.

HondaAmaze Diesel
Honda4th gen City
Honda5th gen City Diesel
MahindraAlturas G4

Honda will discontinue the Jazz, WR-V, 4th generation City, Amaze diesel, and 5th generation City Diesel. Jazz and WR-V were both nearing the end of their respective life cycles. Despite the fact that 4th generation Jazz is sold in other countries, India never received it. Due to the popularity of petrol engines with premium hatchbacks, the Jazz lost its diesel powertrain and was only available in a petrol variant.

The WR-V is only available with diesel engines. When it comes to sales figures, both the Jazz and the WR-V performed poorly in their respective segments. Despite the arrival of the 5th generation City, the 4th generation City will now be discontinued. The fifth generation City and Amaze are available with diesel engines. Due to low demand, both of these sedans will be discontinued.

KUV100 & Marazzo

Despite extremely low sales, Mahindra had continued to offer the Marazzo and KUV100 for a long time (mostly zero). Alturas G4 will also fall through the cracks as competitors such as Fortuner completely dominate this segment. Mahindra will discontinue three of its vehicles in April 2023.

Honda is expected to bring the new generation WR-V SUV, which was recently introduced in the ASEAN market. If it is released, it will be sold in the B-segment, with trimmed bumpers to fit within a 4m length restriction. Along with the recently spotted WR-V SUV, Honda’s fortunes in India are likely to improve.


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