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How to Jump Start Your Car?

Things might become ugly if your car battery fails while you’re driving down the road. Let’s look at how to start a car with a dead battery by pushing it.

Nobody enjoys seeing their automobile fail to start properly. There are a number of reasons why your automobile won’t start properly. However, a dead battery is the most common cause of your vehicle not starting. Car batteries in futuristic automobiles must take care of a variety of devices and systems.

The music and entertainment system in your automobile, for example, uses a lot of battery power. Low battery power is usually indicated by a warning indicator in the speedometer console in most current automobiles. However, despite these cautions and symptoms, automobile owners frequently experience dead battery problems. Here are various methods for starting your automobile by pushing it.

1. Check Battery or Starter

The problem isn’t with the battery or the starter if the engine makes a cracking noise and won’t start. It’s worth noting that when the starting motor fails, automobiles with manual transmissions must be started. If you have a manual transmission automobile with a dead battery, you may always hit the starter button to start the engine.

2. Take Care of the Fuel Pump

It would be best to refrain from starting your car when it is not cranking up with the ignition key. This might harm the fuel pump. Fuel pumps are delicate devices and expensive to replace too.

3. Choose a Safe Location

When pushing the car, make sure that you choose a safe location. Usually, a downhill road will be easier to push your vehicle. Make sure that there are no cars on your way.

4. Start pushing the Car

Normally, the automobile would be pushed by one person. You will be able to take care of the steering wheel in this method. Most automobiles can be started at a speed of 8 to 10 kilometres per hour. Make sure the handbrake is disengaged and the gear change is in neutral.

5. Turning on your Car

Once the car gets moving, you should shift to the second gear and leave the clutch instantaneously. It would be best if you pressed the accelerator at the same time to crank up the motor starter. You can also leave the ignition and leave the clutch to get the car started. If your vehicle hasn’t been used for various weeks, this strategy can work wonders.

In most cases, the strategies stated above will work. But if you are still facing difficulties, ensure regular battery maintenance. This would help your car stay in good condition.


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