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How To Start A Motorcycle (Bike) Racing Career ?

Tips to start Motorcycling Career

Becoming a motorcycle racer takes immense persistence and practice. Heres a complete guide on how to start a motorcycle racing career!

  • Motorcycle racing requires excellent control on machine & fitness
  • It is best to start your motorcycle racing career early
  • You require an FMSCI License to participate in motorcycle races

Do you experience a sense of adrenaline whenever you see a motorcycle? Do you have a favourite rider among Sete Gibernau, Max Biaggi, or Valentino Rossi? These are some of the characteristics of a motorbike enthusiast. However, you are not alone if you wish to turn your passion for motorcycle racing into a career.

There are a lot of two-wheeler racers out there. However, most people have no idea where to begin when it comes to pursuing a career in motorcycle racing. Find out how to get your motorbike racing career started by reading this article!

1. Start Early Age

Starting at an early age is ideal if you wish to have a bright future in this industry. Even if you’re under the age of 18, you can seek your guardian’s permission and begin practising. Furthermore, at this age, a distinct number of teams will be in charge of the rider and their expenses. Honda, for example, has a section that works with young riders and grooms them over time. Marc Marquez, an eight-time world champion, first rode a motorcycle when he was three years old.

2. Enroll for Training & License

Track sessions are held at California Super Bikes in Chennai and CRA Motorsports in Coimbatore, among other locations. After completing your training at one of these schools, you can sit for the FMSCI licencing exam. Motorcycle racing is not possible without this certificate.

California Super Bikes in Chennai, CRA Motorsports in Coimbatore are some places that hold track sessions. Once you train yourself in any of these academies, you can take the test to procure an FMSCI license. Without this certificate, you are not eligible for motorcycle racing.

3. Get a Sponsor as Soon as Possible

There is no denying that motorcycle racing in India can be costly. Every season, riders must pay Rs. 1 lakh to be a member of the team. The good news is that if you perform well on the tracks, you’ll be able to attract a wave of sponsors in the coming years.

Only TVS and Honda have factory teams at the time. Finding sponsors can be difficult unless you have a big-budget team.

4. Begin With Small Races

It is preferable to first compete in pre-season races in order to properly prepare for National Championships. These mini-races will help you establish the tone for the rest of the series.

Furthermore, each of these minor races will aid in the development of endurance. For many beginners, these tiny races provide useful tips on how to develop.

5. Don’t Forget About Physical Fitness

Motorsports, like any other sport, necessitate the same level of physical fitness as any other sport. You should prepare your body to tolerate the harsh racing circumstances as you continue to polish your bike racing skills.

Participate in training sessions to improve your agility and reflexes. We also recommend that you run on a regular basis to strengthen your endurance.

Are you ready to embark on your journey into the world of motorcycle racing?


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