Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Best Aftermarket Infotainment Systems !!

Are you wanting to upgrade your car’s current stereo system? We have four amazing aftermarket infotainment system recommendations!

Your everyday commute does not have to be monotonous or silent. On the market, there are hundreds of infotainment systems with incredible features. Despite the fact that most automobiles come with factory-installed music systems, the units may not offer much.

It’s time to invest in a new aftermarket infotainment system if you want to improve your car’s infotainment experience. You’ll be ecstatic to learn about the capabilities of these new platforms.

We’ve hand-picked the top aftermarket infotainment systems to make things easier for you. Make your decision based on what you’ve read.

1. Sony XAVAX5500 7” Bluetooth Media Receiver

For an Android user, its infotainment system meets all the requirements. This Sony stereo combines Android audio compatibility and a touchscreen. You can control music, access Google maps, compose voice messages, and make voice calls when you connect your Android mobile to the receiver.

It’s also worth noting that the Sony receiver includes Apple CarPlay. As a result, the infotainment system is a great choice for Android and iOS users alike. Although the receiver does not have a CD player, it does feature an AM/FM tuner. The receiver also includes a wireless remote control for simple use.

2. Kenwood DNX997XR 6.8”

In this wacky infotainment system, the new model offers connected mirroring for iPhone with four camera inputs. HD Radio, Bluetooth, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and a bevvy of other high-end technologies are all packed into the receiver. Not to mention the pre-installed Garmin GPS, which will make your ride much more enjoyable.

You may also use Google Assistant or Siri to keep in touch with your friends and family via phone or text. You’ll also appreciate Dolby Audio’s crystal-clear sound production!

3. Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX

The touchscreen on this elegant receiver is extremely responsive and delicate. The DVD/CD player, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are all included in the double din head unit. The user-friendly interface of the Pioneer receiver is one of our favourite features. A USB flash drive media player is also included with the receiver.

You’ll also note that the receiver has a strong Bluetooth signal. The item also has a backup camera and navigation capabilities. Owners of automobiles will appreciate the receiver’s ability to be controlled by voice commands.

4. Sony XAV-1500

On the Sony XAV-1500, you can watch mirrored smartphone content. The anti-glare screen is the best feature of this touchscreen receiver. The receiver wakes up immediately after ignition and displays all communication, navigation, music, and other choices.

In addition, Sony’s quick wakeup feature is visible in the receiver. It boasts 4 x 55W of built-in amplification to offer outstanding sound even at high volumes. You may also use it to personalise the pre-installed rear camera. Finally, like its competitors, the XAV-1500 may be connected to a smartphone via Google Auto or Apple CarPlay.


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