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HyunA Car Collection | Hyun Ah Cars And Net Worth

Hyuna Car Collection includes cars like Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Toyota Corolla Altis, Cadillac Escalade, and Audi A8 with a net worth of $10 million.

Kim Hyun-ah/HyunA was born in Seoul, South Korea, on June 6, 1992. She performs K-pop as a singer, composer, rapper, and model. In February 2007, Hyuna made her Wonder Girls debut. Under the names JYP, Cube, and P Nation, she has produced material. Korean vocalist has performed with groups including United Cube, JYP Nation, Wonder Girls, 4Minute, Trouble Maker, and Triple H. Bubble Pop!, Hyuna’s extended play, was released in 2011, and it quickly gained her international notoriety.

Hyuna Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Lamborghini Aventador Roadster$500,000
Toyota Corolla Altis$20,000
Cadillac Escalade$76,295
Audi A8$86,500

Hyuna Net Worth

As of 2022, Hyuna has an estimated net worth of $10 million. In 2016, HyunA was ranked #40 on the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list. Despite her controversies, HyunA has managed to maintain a successful career in the South Korean entertainment industry.

1. Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

Hyuna Car Collection

HyunA owns a pink Lamborghini Aventador Roadster that has been personalised with her name decals on it. In autos, speed is regarded as being essential. HyunA added her first sports vehicle to her collection with it. Korean Singer always enjoys driving this sleek and quick supercar. It boasts a 6.5L naturally aspirated V12 engine with a maximum speed of 217 mph and 769 horsepower. This Lambo can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.7 seconds, which is not too sluggish. This supercar costs close to $500,000.

2. Toyota Corolla Altis

Hyuna Car Collection

During one of her performances on stage with her K-pop band, HyunA endorsed this automobile. After its marketing event, Hyuna bought a Toyota Corolla Altis, which boasts an exquisite design and effective performance. With a power of 90 horsepower, the 1.6L 4-cylinder engine gives you the best driving experience. With 205 Nm of torque, this Japanese vehicle accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in under 9 seconds and has a peak speed of 124 mph. This dependable vehicle costs $20,000 to purchase.

3. Cadillac Escalade

Hyuna Car Collection

General Motors produces the full-size luxury SUV known as the Cadillac Escalade. It has several fascinating amenities, like leather interior, Wi-Fi hotspot, back seat entertainment, a 36-speaker AKG audio system, and compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The powerful performance and composed handling are combined in the Cadillac Escalade. It has a standard 6.2L V8 engine with 420 horsepower, which enables it reach a peak speed of 154 mph. Its starting price is $76,295 and its 0-60 mph time is 6.1 seconds.

4. Audi A8

Hyuna Car Collection

The Audi A8 is the next automobile in Hyuna’s garage. HyunA is an upscale car that combines dramatic styling with excellent performance. The most recent version of this sedan, which has been on sale since 1994, is outfitted with a 3L V6 engine that produces 335 horsepower. A8 provides you a spacious, pleasant interior that exudes elegance. HyunA purchased this automobile for ,500 and added it to her garage. (Neworleansathleticclub) The Audi A8 can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 5.7 seconds and has a peak speed of 155 mph.


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