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How to import car from Dubai to India?

Dubai has a variety of cars that are not even available in India. Ford used to sell cars but they left India. A sad thing is that Indian cars are not like international cars. Many people dream of importing cars with excitement. Is that even possible to import a car from Dubai? The answer is a yes but there are certain limitations.

Import a new car from Dubai

One can only import the specific model from its manufacturing origin. For example, a person can only import a Tesla Model S plaid from the USA. Dubai also has car manufacturers in production cars. Those looking forward to their new cars can import them. It’s just that the manufacturing should be from Dubai. (bmisurplus.com) Don’t forget to check the speedometer as the speed should be in kilometers.

Can I import a used car from Dubai to India?

Import a car from dubai
2022 McLaren Artura 

Well, it’s possible to import a used car from Dubai. One should comply with guidelines like manufacturing years. The manufacturing year should not be more than 3 years. This means that it’s impossible to import a classic Mercedes to India. Roadworthiness matters so do take care of it. A used car should be leased, registered, or loaned. Take care of headlights as illumination is important. If the used car can’t illuminate roads then it’s a waste of money.

Banned Vehicles in India

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

A vehicle that ranges from 1000cc to 2500cc is banned. One should import a vehicle that has a larger engine capacity. This surely reminds me of crazy Dodge cars and even a Kia Stinger GT. Unfortunately, none of them ever made their way to India. Make sure that vehicle should support a right-hand drive configuration. Smaller duty two-wheelers and scooters are inclusive. Avoid importing small capacity two-wheelers.

Are cars less expensive in Dubai?

Ferrari 488 GTB

Indians get cool cars at higher prices. People in Dubai are lucky due to the cheaper costs of cars. The government in India implies high import duties on imported cars. Sometimes the car that’s cheaper in Dubai costs double in India. Cars in Dubai are not just cheaper but even insane. Even their used car market has a lot of Ferraris and Lambos. Those looking to import a car need to pay double the cost of the car. In India, we don’t even have a Ford Mustang and they have a full range.

Documentation for imported vehicles

Audi R8 Spyder

One must possess an import license to import a vehicle. Importing a car from Dubai is time-consuming. A lot of documents like insurance and invoice of the vehicle is a requirements.

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