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Kerala: How Do They Have So Many Modified Cars And Why Police Can’t Stop Them ?

Kerala is known for the assemblage of modified cars on the roads. Despite the fact that the car customization is illegally banned in India but modified cars never stopped cheering up in Kerala. The state emerges as the largest hub for car modification and customization in India which means that there are many exotic modified cars in Kerala that will blowout our minds completely. Modified cars looks fantastic but not every car modification is accepted by the law in India. The unusual and unexpected styles of modified cars is the door to the customization charm’s.

In Kerala , you can find customization on the whole cars like huge spoilers, heavy after market headlights and outer colorful wrapping of a cars. Car Tunning is also very common in Kerela. This state has highest number of car customization than from any other states and why is it so special here to customize car as car customization banned in India. Let’s look and understand how the prosperity of Kerala influences them to do such vehicle custom mods even after the ban from the Indian Government.

1. Keralites Got No Chill!

Ford Custom Everest

If we talk about a particular state having large number of mobility then Kerela is amongst them. If we talk about the total surface area covered than this state ranks at number 27 but if we talk about prosperity in terms of GDP it ranks at 11th. This makes the state holding up the most largest car density in India. Other states also ranks up more than Kerala like Himachal Pradesh and Punjab both these states mainly have cars for tourism purpose only. More car modifications shows more prosperity to the Keralites as customizing cars are much more costlier than buying actual cars.

2. Significance of Middle East

Honda Civic

The effect of Middle-East on the economy of Kerala boost this situation. The reason is that many people goes to Gulf countries from Kerela for their living which indulge them in white-collar jobs with high pay grades which helps them to buy and keep huge expensive cars and bikes in their homes. When compared with Keralites they influenced by this culture and that’s why they either buy huge expensive cars or customize their old cars to meet the expectations. Here cars modifications are seen not only in urban regions but in small towns and villages also

3. Higher Literacy Rates Higher Car Customizations

Swift Customized

Literacy rate can also be the major cause for the car modification in Kerala as it has 97.4% of males literate and 95.2% females are literate which has highest in India.

But how literacy rate has to do with car customization? We’re here to clear all your doubts.

The reason is that if we talk about car modification in India then it will be the unnecessary body kits and outside fitted accessories. But same car culture doesn’t follows under same name every countries has different car culture and to understand this education plays a major role. Therefore higher education also help Keralites to follow other countries car culture. For example, here JDM custom (Japan Domestic Market) followed the most.

4. JDM Culture

JDM Culture | Japan Domestic Market

Kerala mostly follow the JDM car culture as most people here custom cars according to the Japan’s car culture. The Japanese car culture made its influence to most part of the continents. For example, USA and Russia has same car tunning and modifications when compared to the Japanese cars but when we look in India, things a bit changes here. The real JDM cars like Nissan GTR, S2000 were never meant to be launched in India as they were not compactible according to Indian roads so most car enthusiast tries to modify their older cars with some heavy foglamps and spoilers to make their cars looks closer to JDM cars. This modification doesn’t stop at cars even the trucks and auto-rickshaw owner also modifies their vehicles.

5. Even After Car Modification Banned, Still Successful Yet!

Kerala’s Police Vehicle | Force Gurkha

Apart from JDM Mods , we can see a lot or cars with retro and classic designs. So as we know that auto modification is banned in India but still they are successful in it. Kerala also have same implementation on the modification of cars ban. Kerala Motor Vehicles Department has also imposed huge fines on vehicle modifications. In recent times the Kerala government fines Rs.50,000 on vehicle owner because he was illegally modified his car.

Even after the rules are implemented in 2019 that car modifications are banned in India then also a lot of people of Kerala are customizing cars as customization are mostly common in rural areas as compared to cities because in cities, fines are imposed very quickly as polices are more active in such places. Modified Car owners are fully aware of being caught anytime so they take their vehicles mostly to rural areas and they are also aware of the fines they will have to pay on being caught so they keep themselves ready for such incidents.

I hope you get an idea that how Keralites succeed in car customization even after ban. On the side of the safety the government banned all forms of car modification and tuning in India but still if, you want to challenge the government then you should have huge money to pay the charged fines upon yourself and tune your car up to expectations which itself is costly.

Have you ever modified your car according to your taste and preference if yes, then let us know in the comment below.


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