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Lewis Hamilton Car Collection | Car Collection Of Lewis Hamilton

Sir Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver. He is well known as Seven-time Formula One world champion. According to him cars are his biggest investment and he loves supercars. The 36 year old, F1 driver is also a fanatical car collector. His collection has a wide variety of cars, from classics to rare supercars he got them all !!

Lewis Hamilton Lifestyle

The F1 driver Lewis Hamilton bide a luxurious lifestyle. The estimated career earnings of the F1 driver is upward from $500 million. And when talking about is significant car collection, it is worth whooping $18.3 Million.

Hamilton’s car collection

Lewis Hamilton owns moreover than 15 cars. Although all of them are his favourite he has rated eight of them as ‘special’. Whereas some of these cars are kept in his residence in Monaco and other cars occupy his garage in Los Angeles.

Lewis Hamilton Car CollectionPrice
Mini Cooper$23,400
Ferrari 599 SA Aperta$1.6 million
1966 Shelby Cobra 427$2.1 million
Cadillac Escalade$76,195
Can-Am Maverick X31967$8,600
Mercedes Benz Maybach S600$173,000
1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500$150,000
Mercedes Benz AMG GTR$189,750
Pagani Zonda 760LH$2.2 million
1967 Shelby Cobra 427$1.15 million
Ferrari LaFerrari$1.4 million
Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta$2.2 million
McLaren P1$1.15 million
Mercedes Benz AMG G63 6X6$615,000
Mercedes-AMG One$2.72 million
Hamilton’s car collection

15. Mini Cooper

The very first car owned by Lewis Hamilton was Mini Cooper. He got the car in 2002, as it happens to be the same year when he got his driving licence.

14. Ferrari 599 SA Aperta

The next car Hamilton bought was the Ferrari 599 SA Aperta. It is another super rare car in Hamilton’s garage. Only 80 of these were made.

13. 1966 Shelby Cobra 427

Hamilton has personally looked into the Shelby before buying it. It is the of the most iconic American cars of all time. Significantly this is one of the most exclusive car he owns. Though it is least driven by him, he says he wants to keep the rare piece unspoilt.

12. Cadillac Escalade

Ok so you will not be surprised to see the Cadillac Escalade in the list. As it is the most popular car among celebrities. The super luxury SUV is also the part of Hamilton’s garage.

11. Can-Am Maverick X31967

Apart from supercars Lewis also own a power buggy. The Can-Am Maverick X31967 buggy has a top speed of Km/h. The price of the Buggy is $ 8,600.

10. Mercedes Benz Maybach S600

Other than the Cadillac Escalade another luxury vehicle Hamilton own is the Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600. The luxury sedan is a feature loaded solely for your comfort.

9. Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

The 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is the least driven car in his collection. Lewis had painted it in his favourite candy red finish. He purchased this back then in 2011.

8. Mercedes Benz AMG GTR

The Mercedes Benz AMG GTR is the most favourite car of the F1 driver. This Mercedes-Benz is everyday drive of Lewis. The significant performance has made the car top his favourite list, says Lewis Hamilton.

7. Pagani Zonda 760LH

The hypercar from Pagani is also part of his garage. In particular the LH stands for ‘Lewis Hamilton’. He is a huge fans of limited edition cars and for this rare one he sank around $ 2.2 Millions.

6. 1967 Shelby Cobra 427

The 1966 Shelby Cobra is one of the most favourite car of Lewis Hamilton. But as said earlier he want to keep it unspoilt. So to feel it on roads and enjoy the drive he bought another one !!

5. Ferrari LaFerrari

One of the finest Ferrari ever made, it has also made place in Hamilton’s car collection. The car has a top speed of 350 Km/h (as claimed by the company) and goes from 0-100 Km/h in under 3 seconds.

4. Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

Three years after buying the LaFerrari he also got the Aperta version. It has to be part of his garage says the F1 driver. (thedentalspa) Only 210 models were ever made, making it another rare car in his collection.

3. McLaren P1

In 2015, he bought a McLaren P1 finished in royal blue. The P1 is a limited production plug-in hybrid sports car. Hamilton purchased it for €1m (that is $1.15 Million) though the prices were later increased. Infact Only 375 models were ever produced.

2. Mercedes Benz AMG G63 6X6

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 6×6 is a ‘Sport Utility Truck’ manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. This special edition car is part of Hamilton’s car collection.

1. Mercedes-AMG One

In my opinion this is the perfect car Hamilton will add to his collection. Notably Lewis himself was involved in its development. He will get it’s delivery in 2021. It is a hypercar directly inspired by F1.

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