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Indian automotive industry is the sixth-largest in the world. Over the past few years, many global brands have entered the Indian Market. The Government is also focusing on Made In India strategy to make the market grow. The automobile exports have been growing consistently. The Made In India Cars are exported in countries like United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, etc.

The strong engineering base and expertise in the manufacturing of low-cost, fuel-efficient cars have made Indian cars popular in these countries. India has become the leading centre for small car manufacturing. Today, we will see some popular Indian cars that are also exported to other countries:-

  • Hyundai Verna
  • Kia Seltos and Sonet
  • Volkswagen Vento
  • Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Toyota Glanza
  • Tata Harrier
  • Jeep Compass

1. Hyundai Verna

Made In India Cars That Are Exported Overseas: Hyundai Verna
Made-In-India Hyundai Verna is exported to other markets

In some parts of the world, the Hyundai Verna gets the name Hyundai Accent. Hyundai exports the Verna to the Middle East, Philippines, Vietnam and Africa as Knock-down kits. It gets a 1.5-litre petrol engine generating 113 HP and 144 Nm of torque whereas the 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine generates 118 HP and 172 Nm of torque. The 1.5-litre diesel engine, on the other hand, generates 113 HP and 250 Nm torque. The Verna is one of the popular Made In India cars that are exported to other markets

2. Kia Seltos and Sonet

Made In India Cars That Are Exported Overseas: Kia Sonet and Seltos
Kia Sonet and Seltos are the popular models exported in other markets

The Seltos was Kia’s first product in India. Kia exports it to emerging markets like South Africa, Southeast Asia (except the Philippines), Middle East, Latin America and other South Asian markets. The car is available in a 1.6-litre petrol engine option, unavailable in the Indian Domestic Market. It was the best-selling SUV in Mexico in 2020 that got an update for the Mexican market on 6th August 2021 with the new Kia Logo. Its little sibling, i.e. the Sonet is also among the list of Made In India cars that are exported to other countries.

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3. Volkswagen Vento

VW Vento
Volkswagen Vento is one of the popular Made-In-India Cars exported to other countries

The Vento is essentially more than just a sedan version of Polo. We mean yeah it is the sedan version of Polo but it is a much-refined product in itself. The global audience loves this sedan. That’s why it is still in demand several years after its release. Most of its units are Indian Exports. It is available in the Mexican market with both Petrol and Diesel engine options.

4. Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Toyota Glanza

Toyota Glanza and Maruti Suzuki Baleno
Both the Toyota Glanza and Maruti Suzuki Baleno are exported to other countries

The reason behind including two vehicles under one title is clear. Both are essentially the same cars. The Glanza is just a rebadged Baleno with Toyota flair. The Company exports Baleno to Japan, Indonesia and Europe. It gets the 1.2-litre Dualjet petrol engine with SHVS and a five-speed transmission. On the Other hand, Toyota exports the Glanza to Africa and sells it under the name ‘Starlet’.

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5. Tata Harrier

Made In India Cars That Are Exported Overseas: Tata Harrier
Tata Harrier is the made in India car exported to Europe under the name Buzzard Sport

This car deserves the spot on the list. It is a very capable and macho looking SUV. Tata exports this car to Europe under the name ‘Buzzard Sport’. It also got a launch in Nepal on 27 August 2019 under the name Tata H5. The Harrier is a front-wheel-drive C-segment SUV with a 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine that delivers 140 HP and 350 Nm of torque.

6. Jeep Compass

Made In India Cars That Are Exported Overseas: Jeep Compass
Jeep’s first Made-In-India car is exported to major RHD markets

The Compass is one of Jeep’s first Made-In-India cars. Jeep also exports this model to all the right-hand-drive markets. It exports this rugged car to United Kingdom, Australia, Brunei, Japan as well as Thailand. The car is available with two engine options – a 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine and a 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engine.

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