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Madhuri Dixit’s Luxurious Toyota Innova MPV

Back in 2020, DC Design completely overhauled Madhuri Dixit’s Toyota Innova Crysta for the Bollywood star. When it comes to the interior, the customization DC2 is providing for the Innova Crysta screams luxury. (tramadol) Although the brand has not yet revealed how the MPV’s exterior will look, one can anticipate that it will resemble the Innova Crysta standard model almost exactly from the outside.

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With regard to the cabin design, DC2’s customization services have completely revamped it, with the exception of a few dashboard accents. Glossy wood panels have been added to the sides of the MPV and have reached the dashboard and steering wheel.

The 7-seater version of the MPV is particularly lovely thanks to its overall plush beige interior. Passenger seats with equally comfortable leg rests have been installed in the middle row by the customizers, who have also installed a central console with storage compartments and numerous controls mounted on top. Further infotainment screens have been added to each seat in the middle row.

DC2 has equipped the MPV with ambient lighting while the roof has been imparted with star-like lighting that sets it apart from every other customization offered by Dilip Chhabria’s automotive design company. The roof is inspired by Rolls-Royce’s Starlight Headliner option and offers a unique look to the interior of the MPV.

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