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Maruti Dzire Wrapped in Gold is a Head Turner

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire is the most popular compact sedan in India. Although the manufacturer gives certain modification possibilities, we have a Bromotive-customized Dzire here. They also posted a video on YouTube demonstrating the process of modifying the Dzire.

All of the dents, scratches, and pinholes were initially pointed up by the shop. All of these issues were addressed first, followed by a thorough cleaning of the entire vehicle. The badges, as well as the door handles, were removed.

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The hat had a bit of golden wrap on it, but it was still uneven. Then a matte black wrap was applied, concealing the uneven body work. Because the golden wrap reflects more light than a matte black wrap, the undulations were no longer evident. When it came to wrapping the doors, the shop ran into the same problem.

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Another problem was that when the wrap was removed, the putty was also removed. As a result, this could have posed problems in the future. As a result, the shop opted to prime the entire vehicle. This would ensure that the paint was evenly applied and that the primer did not leave any trace. As a result, the wrap would be properly put.

The car was completely repainted in a bright white colour. The golden wrap was then applied by the retailer. After the wrap was completed, a coat of wax was applied to give it a lustrous finish. This Dzire also appears to be equipped with aftermarket wheels. IWrapping a car is a lot more cost-effective way to give your vehicle a fresh look. Furthermore, the wrap makes the automobile stand out from the crowd. You are not limited to the colours offered by the manufacturer because the shops offer a wide range of colours. Wrapping the car protects it from scratches and swirl marks.

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It will not allow the original paint to be readily ruined. If the wrap becomes damaged, simply peel it off and the original paint should remain intact. Wrapping costs vary depending on the grade you select. Wraps can cost anywhere between Rs. 30,000 to several lakhs of rupees.

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Dzire is Best Selling Compact Sedan

A wrap, on the other hand, will draw the attention of the officers, increasing the likelihood that they may stop your vehicle. Because the wrap colour may differ from the colour specified on the registration certificate, you may find yourself in hot water. Wrapping your automobile is now a murky area, thus the rules are unclear as to whether or not you can wrap your car.

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Although tiny sedans are no longer popular, the Dzire continues to sell well despite the fact that many consumers are opting for compact SUVs. In January 2022, Maruti Suzuki sold 14,967 Dzires, making it the third best-selling car of the year. Despite the epidemic, the firm sold 15,125 Dzires on the market last year.

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