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Most Expensive Car Toy Collectibles

The Most Expensive Car Toy Collectibles

Who knew that a year’s pay could be spent on toy cars? Let’s take a look at some of the most valuable toy car collectibles in the world.

Some people are unable to let go of their childhood fantasies about exotic and incredibly awesome toy vehicles. Rare toy vehicle collections, like their real-life counterparts, are extremely valuable! As it turns out, there is a sizable demand for these extremely uncommon and absurdly costly toy cars.

Most Expensive Car Toy CollectiblesPrice (USD)
Lamborghini Aventador Gold $7.5 Million
Lamborghini Aventador$6 Million
24k Gold Bugatti Veyron$2.9 Million
40th Anniversary Diamond-Encrusted Hot Wheels$140,000
1969 Pink-Rear Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb$125,000
Tomica Z432 Datsun$80,000

Some of these miniature toy automobiles are even more expensive than the drivable models! Furthermore, some of the collectibles are made of gold and other valuable materials. You should also be aware that these collectable automobile toys are excellent investments. In truth, these artefacts sold for the sums stated below at auctions throughout the world.

Let’s gaze over these incredibly costly yet deserving automobile toy collectibles without further ado!

1. Lamborghini Aventador Gold – $7.5 Million

The Aventador diecast is completely covered in gold! This gold variation, handcrafted by Robert Guelpen, is an identical reproduction of the actual Aventador, but encased in gold. You could buy 18 real-life Aventadors for the price of this miniature vehicle collector!

The Aventador Gold is sized at 1:8 and features outstanding workmanship and handcrafted authenticity. It is the world’s most expensive model automobile due to its pricing.

2. Lamborghini Aventador – $6 Million

At least ten real-life Lamborghini Aventadors could be purchased for the price of this Aventador collectable. So, what makes this diecast model so unique? Robert Guelpen Engineering created this as well. In reality, this is a forerunner to the gold-wrapped version above, which was created following this one’s great success. This is a 1:8 size Lamborghini Aventador replica that is an identical duplicate of the original car both inside and out. The body is comprised of carbon fibres wrapped in an ultra-thin gold thread. The wheels are a blend of gold and platinum, and the seats are encrusted with gems. The front lights are made of clear diamonds, while the back lights are made of colourful precious stones.

3. 24k Gold Bugatti Veyron – $2.9 Million

Another gold-wrapped beauty is the Bugatti Veyron, which comes in a 1:18 size. The automobile is made of 42 kt pure platinum and gold. Furthermore, the 7.2 carat single-cut diamond raises the bar even further.

This exquisite collectable, on the other hand, takes roughly two months to create. Without a doubt, we adore the Bugatti Veyron collectable as much as the actual car!

4. 40th Anniversary Diamond-Encrusted Hot Wheels – $140,000

This diamond-studded Hot Wheels toy car will give you the ultimate glitter! The fact that just one unit exists in the entire globe makes this automobile very rare and coveted.

Eight rubies, 319 white diamonds, 988 black diamonds, 1,388 blue diamonds, and 18ct white gold are used in this Hot Wheels automobile. It may be little, but it can outshine all of the automobiles in your garage.

5. 1969 Pink-Rear Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb – $125,000

The Volkswagen Beach Bomb isn’t your average toy vehicle; it’ll set you back $125,000! Surfboards dangle from the back windows of this charming little gem. It’s also worth noting that this is a prototype model from 1969. One of the things that makes this model so uncommon and desired is its large size.

6. Tomica Z432 Datsun -$80,000

We can’t decide which we prefer: the Tomica Z432 Datsun model or this elegant small collectable! This golden automobile model takes around a month to make. The Z432 Datsun collectable also commemorates Tomica’s 40th anniversary. Tomica entices children and their car-obsessed parents with this special model!

So, which of these chic toy car collectibles do you wish you could buy?


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