McLaren Artura Recalled Over Fuel Leak Fire Risk

McLaren Artura Recalled Over Fuel Leak Fire Risk
McLaren Artura Recalled Over Fuel Leak Fire Risk

McLaren has issued a recall for more than 150 units of its new hybrid supercar, the Artura. The campaign’s cars are equipped with high-pressure fuel lines, but because they aren’t properly fastened, they could come loose, leak, and eventually catch fire.

Assigned recall number 22V-908 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the campaign includes 164 examples of the Artura built from October 8, 2021, to November 14, 2022. Affected VINs range from SBM16AEA3PW000177 to SBM16AEA1PW000372.

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According to McLaren, the high-pressure gasoline lines used in the recalled vehicles were attached using cold-formed nuts, as opposed to the completely machined nuts used in the recall’s exempt vehicles. It added that cold-formed nuts can loosen from the fuel pump over time, especially “during dynamic driving manoeuvres commonly associated with track running.” As a result, there may be a gasoline leak, which raises the possibility of a fire. McLaren stated that there were no injuries or accidents caused by the flaw despite the fact that two cars on a track had gasoline leaks.

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Owners of impacted vehicles must bring their Artura to the closest McLaren dealership to receive a free replacement for the fuel pipes. The British business claimed that a lack of fully machined parts was the main reason it moved to cold-formed nuts in March 2021.


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