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Meet 71 Year Old Indian Grandma Radhamani, Who Holds Driving Licenses for 11 Types of Vehicles

For many people, driving is a hobby, and J Radhamani is one of them. She is 71 years old and is from Thoppumpady in Kochi, Kerala. Radhamani isn’t your typical grandmother who reads her grandchildren bedtime stories. She is much more than that, and she has the potential to be an inspiration to many. (Neworleansathleticclub) Radhamani’s tale is intriguing because she is licenced to drive automobiles in 11 different categories. She can drive an excavator, forklift, crane, road roller, tractor, container trailer truck, bus, and lorry, among other things. When Radhamani was 30 years old, she learned to drive a car for the first time. Her spouse suggested that she learn to drive, and she quickly became interested.

In the 1970s, Radhamani’s husband founded A-Z Driving School in Kochi, Kerala. Radhamani’s husband was tragically killed in an accident in 2004. She began assisting her children at a family-run driving school after this occurrence. Radhamani is also the first woman to obtain a heavy vehicle licence in Kerala. She received her hazardous goods transportation licence in 2021. In 1988, she received her first bus and truck driver’s licence. She drove a bus from Thoppumpady to Cherthala, where the authority for heavy vehicles licences was located at the time.

To manage a driving school, the proprietors or teachers must hold a valid driver’s licence for the vehicles they teach. Radhamani no longer drives any of these cars because she is no longer part of the team that teaches students on a regular basis, but she does demonstrate it to the kids on occasion. Radhamani is currently in charge of the driving school’s IT operations. With her two sons, daughter-in-law, and grandson, she manages the driving school.

Interestingly, Radhamani is still a student. Along with the computer operations at the driving school, she is also doing a diploma course in mechanical engineering at Kalamassery Polytechnic. She is probably the only woman driver in Kerala or perhaps in India who holds license for 11 categories of vehicles. For a person who holds license for these many categories of vehicles, Radhamani got her two-wheeler license comparatively late. She got it in 1993. Although she drives cars, two-wheeler is her favourite mode of transport.

Her husband had bought a scooter for her and since then she rides her scooter everywhere. She only takes the car out when it is absolutely necessary. In an interview that Radhamani had given to The Hindu back in 2020, Radhamani had told that she has not tried the tower crane yet. Tower cranes are quite high and there are few steps to reach the cabin of the crane. One has to climb up to the cabin and it is not an easy task especially wearing a Saree. Radhamani is a perfect example that age is just a number when you are doing what you love. She is constantly learning new things to keep herself engaged even at this age. She can be an inspiration to younger generation.


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