Ex-Ferrari Designer Analyses The Purosangue


Frank Stephenson is unsurpassed in the field of automotive design, at least when it comes to having something to say about other people’s creations. His design analyses of new cars on his YouTube channel offer some insightful information that convinced us (and probably some of you) to subscribe and follow the man.

Stephenson is passionate about his most recent design analysis. The F430 and FXX were created by the former Ferrari design chief, who also offers his opinion on the automaker’s most recent model, the Purosangue.

Stephenson will likely comment on the Purosangue’s styling since it is Ferrari’s first entry into the SUV market, despite the car company’s refusal to call it that.

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Stephenson begins by praising the Purosangue before critiquing its design. He maintains the essence of Ferrari cars and finds the Ferrari thoroughbred to be beautiful. Stephenson continues to praise her, using adjectives like sensual, dynamic, curvy, and sexy. However, a Stephenson critique video wouldn’t be complete without him pointing out elements that, in his opinion, would enhance the overall design.

He believes the running lamp signature could be improved up front. The majority of Stephenson’s focus is on the sides, particularly the front door handles, carbon fibre fenders, and shut line of the clamshell hood. Additionally, he believes that the black accent at the base of the A-pillar is superfluous.

The taillights at the back are the main target of his criticism because, in his opinion, they should be rounded to maintain the Ferrari identity. He did, however, concede that some things needed to change in order to advance.

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Stephenson also provided some commentary on the Purosangue’s interior design for this video. He adores the driver-centric design philosophy that doesn’t ignore the passenger space, as well as the Manettino, which he originally created for Ferrari. The more electronic, he claims, the less Ferrari; nonetheless, he believes that modern Ferrari vehicles are becoming.

Overall, the former Ferrari designer’s assessment of the Purosangue design is still quite favorable. Although the video at the top of this page is lengthy, we assure you that it is worth your time.

Source: Frank Stephenson via YouTube


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