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Mercedes AMG GT Black launched in India

The Mercedes AMG GT Black is the most powerful launch in India. Mercedes cars have the best performance when it comes to AMG cars. Black series cars had a dominant performance in the AMG lineup outside India. Indians should celebrate the moment as we got the most powerful car by Mercedes in India.

amg gt black India

The Mercedes AMG GT Black series in India gets an AMG Traction control system that allows immense power delivery. It’s a two-seater which one would enjoy drifting on the tracks. A rear-wheel-drive car is what car enthusiasts truly love a lot. Just put your left foot on the brake and right foot on the right foot on the accelerator and then the car is ready to rock.

Interior and Specifications

The interior of the car features Nappa leather upholstery. One thing that sounds cool is the 10-spoke black rims present on the car. This makes it feel like the car has a different level of sportiness on the offer. Mercedes has a 4-liter V8 engine on the offer which has 730 HP of power and comes mated to an AMG speed Gearbox. The Gearbox is a 7G unit with dual clutches on the offer. It can achieve 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and 200 km/h in 9 seconds. The model sounds faster as it’s made to make an enthusiast crazy.

A driver giving the beans to the car can use AMG ride control for adjusting suspension and damping. The braking system of the car is also absolutely insane. There is one thing everyone must know and that’s about the allocation of units. Shockingly India only has an allocation of two units. Congratulations to Boopesh Reddy who took delivery of the first unit. It gets an AMG braking system Mercedes AMG Black Series model that costs around 5.5 crores in India as per ex-showroom New Delhi price.

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