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Monsoon Bike Accessories | Top Bike Accessories For Rainy Season

Top Bike Accessories For Monsoon 2021 | Monsoon Riding Gears

The rainy season in India is very unpopular for its road blockage, heavy rainfalls, and stuck traffic in megacities like Mumbai. Every year rain causes many peoples to face such problems. Monsoons are never ideal for riding, but some Bike Accessories For Rainy Season can make your ride easier. Take a look at some of them below.

1. Rain Coats (Rain Suits)

The first thing on the list is waterproof Rain Coats which is a must during monsoons. Being damp and cold on the bike can distract your focus on riding and can lead to unwanted accidents. So before protecting the bike one should ensure to protect the rider. Waterproof gears can be used as liners above the cloth which will keep the rider dry and warm.

Here are some Riding gear suggestions for our readers:

2. Water Proof Bag Covers

For the office, working guys, and students it’s also important to ensure the safety of their luggage or the bag along with them. There are many bags and luggage covers available in the market. But we have sorted few of them for you, have a look at it.

  1. DTBG Fully 100% Water Proof Rain and Dust Cover for Backpacks
  2. Eume Polyester 35 LTR Rain and Dust Cover with Pouch for Backpack

3. Ventilated Helmets

One main problem during rains that everyone can relate is the fogg on the helmet viser. This causes due to lack of ventilation which keeps the condensed air inside the helmet. Buying normal helment may be good some times, but investing little bit more will be a good decision. Ventilated Helmets will perform well for you during rainy season and it can be a good to go accessories.

  1. Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator Full Face Graphic Helmet
  2. Studds CUB Open Face Helmet
  3. Steelbird SBH-11 Zoom Tank Full Face ISI Certified Helmet

4. Motorcycle Cover

In rainy season it is important to protect our bike from rain. Exposing bike to rain can cause failure in electricals of bike and also causes visible damegs. Apart from rain, cover also protects the motorcycle from other elements like sunshine and dust.There are many cover available in market but not every cover is waterproof. Our recommendation of bike covers may help you chose the right one.

Best Selling Bike Covers In India (June 2021)
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Other bike covers to consider

  1. Drize Finest Cb Unicorn 150 Bike Cover Waterproof with Ultra Surface Body Protection
  2. Solimo UV Protection & Dustproof Bike Cover 
  3. RiderShine Waterproof Scooty Body Cover 

5. Riding Shoes

Riders shoe faces the most dirt and mud. Choice of good shoe cover will increase life of your shoes and also save you from the embarrassment of squeaky, mucky and smelly footwear when you reach your destination.

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