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The Most Notorious Bike Gangs You Must Know

And as you might have guessed, all three have American roots. These motorcycle gangs redefine the term “notorious,” engaging in everything from drug dealing to racketeering, murders to torture. They have chapters all over the world and have engaged in combat from Australia to Europe. Let’s find out more about them. These are the three of the most infamous biker gangs in the world

3. The Bandidos Motorcycle Club

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club, often known as Bandidos Nation, is a one-percenter motorcycle club with chapters in 22 nations. It was founded in Texas in 1966. Their short slogan is:We are the folks about whom our parents forewarned us.The Bandidos Motorcycle Club is linked to drug trafficking across the Texas-Mexico border, claims Complex. It is also one of the Big Four outlaw motorcycle groups, according to the FBI.

2. The Mongols Motorcycle Club

The Mongols Motorcycle Club has a long list of accomplishments to its name, including killings, drug dealing, robberies, and even a run-in with the Mexican mafia. However, it is arguably most recognised for its disputes and conflicts with the Hells Angels, the most renowned of all motorcycle gangs.In the beginning, the Mongols Motorcycle Club was created as a rival to the Hells Angels. This was due to the Hells Angels’ prohibition at the time on membership by people of colour. The majority of the members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club nowadays are Hispanic and Native Americans.

3. Hells Angels

There is no need to introduce this motorcycle club. When it comes to unlawful clubs, it is likely the first club that springs to mind. This organisation, which became famous because to Hunter S. Thompson’s novel Hells Angels, has existed since 1948 and has been involved in nearly every form of criminal behaviour imaginable, from murder to racketeering. Hells Angels would duel and engage in territorial disputes with emerging motorcycle clubs around the nation, some of which were of its own doing because Hells Angels first forbade minorities from joining.