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New Rolls Royce SUV Cullinan SERIES II (2025) Next-Gen Ultra Luxury SUV

Even the world’s most expensive SUV need regular updates. Rolls-Royce’s best-selling model gets a stunning facelift for 2025, including a revised front fascia. The unexpectedly bold approach is bound to spark debate. The redesigned Cullinan is accompanied on day one by the hotter Black Badge variant, which has an upgraded V-12 engine with 600 horsepower.

The luxury SUV, now known as the Cullinan Series II, features redesigned headlamps with extended LED daytime running lights. The expanded DRLs extend downward from the bumper, giving the front fascia a more commanding (if not unusual) appearance. It appears that BMW Group, the ultra-luxury brand’s parent business, is also willing to take design risks. There are no split light shenanigans as on the BMW X7, but the redesign is equally divisive.

The front bumper, like the headlamps, has a unique appearance. Rolls-Royce removed the narrow air intakes bordering the grille. As a result, a large flat surface now calls for some form of trim piece. The modified lower air intakes are now slightly slanted, while the supersized radar sensor is still located beneath the licence plate.

According to RR, the new upright style is inspired by “illuminated skyscrapers in megacities” where the Cullinan is gaining popularity. The SUV gets a light-up grille to match the company’s other vehicles and select BMWs. Another novelty is the use of stately 23-inch wheels, which is a first for the type. The fresh Emperador Truffle paint job completes the exterior modifications.

Similarly, the Cullinan Black Badge is given a polarising facelift, albeit with different 23-inch wheels. This Black Badge variant, which has ten interlaced spokes, is the first to sport such a substantial combination of alloys. Several exterior decorations, like the Spirit of Ecstasy statue, have a more frightening black aspect. There are more dark trim elements than previously, and you can have the massive grille in all-black.

The interior arrangement hasn’t changed from the pre-facelift Cullinan. However, nestled beneath the analogue clock is now the Spirit of Ecstasy, letting your chauffeur know they’re not driving a humdrum BMW X7. The Black Badge’s carbon fibre trim on the dashboard gets six layers of lacquer. Each of the 23 pieces is hand-polished to a mirror sheen, which takes 21 days to complete.

The Black Badge is displayed here with a new eye-catching Duality Twill leather upholstery, which contains 2.2 million stitches and 11 kilometres of thread. If you go all out, the 2025 Cullinan can have 107,000 perforations measuring 0.8 and 1.2 millimetres. We want to meet the person in charge of counting all the little holes in the seats.

The Cullinan may still be configured as a seven-seater by selecting the individual rear seats fitted in the cargo area. These are only used while the expensive SUV is stopped, and they surround a little table with champagne, caviar, or whatever affluent people like.

Both the basic Cullinan and the Black Badge models maintain the renowned twelve-cylinder engine. However, the twin-turbo 6.75-liter V-12 is on borrowed time, as Rolls-Royce has committed to go completely electric by 2030.


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