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Rimac’s Next Car Won’t Be Another Electric Hypercar

Electric hypercars are already becoming less and less popular. Mate Rimac, the CEO of Rimac, stated this week that as EVs become more widely used, high-end consumers want to stand out from the crowd. What the public buy is not what they want: combustion engines and an analogue feel.

During this week’s Financial Times Future of the Car Summit, Mate pointed out that a lot has happened since Rimac started working on the Nevera in 2017. Globally, customers now have access to many more cheap options than they did a few years ago, even though EV sales are slowing down.

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The Nevera hypercar is still on sale. The company has already delivered more than 50 cars to consumers, but it intended to create 150 in total.

According to Rimac, falling demand and a shift in consumer trends indicate that a Nevera replacement may have some type of combustion engine.
“Rimac isn’t exclusively electric; it’s doing whatever is most exciting at the time,” he stated.

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A pure EV won’t cut it, but a powerful hybrid might, which could explain why the Bugatti Chiron successor is getting that insane V-16 hybrid engine. Mate disclosed in 2022 that Rimac had begun building a combustion engine two years prior to its merger with Bugatti. The writing was on the wall.


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