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Indian Concept cars that didn’t make to production line | Top 5

Automotive companies have the habit to showcase their upcoming vehicles in the yearly Auto Expo. Sometimes these are production ready vehicles, but some vehicles are made just to show what the given company’s future plans may look like. Such vehicles are called as ‘concepts’.

Companies just alter the concept to comply with the laws & local conditions. This we have seen in the case of Tata’s H5X concept turning into Tata Harrier with subtle changes. But not all concepts come to real life due to various reasons. Now, we are going to see such concepts that didn’t make to the Indian roads.

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1.Tata Pr1ma Concept

Indian concept car
The Tata Pr1ma Concept

A Tata Sedan and designed by the renowned Italian company Pininfarina, what can go wrong ? Maybe the fact that expensive sedans were way less popular in 2009 than they are now. The car made its debut at 2009 Geneva Motor show. It was longer than the Indigo on which it was based. If launched, it was going to compete with Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic Sedan and the Chevrolet Cruze. Unfortunately, Tata motors axed the project and decided to focus on other cars.

2. The Mahindra Stinger Concept

Mahindra Stinger Concept

Mahindra & Mahindra always makes sure that it exhibits at least a single attention-grabbing vehicle at Auto Expo. In Auto Expo 2018 they showcased Stinger, a convertible sub-4m SUV based on TUV300. Speculations were that it was going to be powered by 1.5 Litre Mahindra mHawk engine. The front fascia clearly looked like TUV300 with some tweaks here & there. It was still in concept stage with the production being dependent on audience response as stated by company. After that there is no mention of the vehicle anywhere which leads us to believe that the project has been axed.

3. The Tata Aria Roadster and Coupe Concept

Tata Aria Roadster
Tata Aria Coupe

As we know, Tata motors are always ahead of its time when launching vehicles. But in the process of being so, they have cancelled some concepts which otherwise would’ve been great addition to their catalogue. Take a look at both these concepts. First one is the Aria Roadster concept which was unveiled at 5th Auto Expo in India by Ratan Tata & Bollywood actor Akshay Khanna in 2000. Second one is the coupe version of the same that was revealed at Geneva motor show later that year. Both were based on the Tata Indica’s platform. A 140 PS engine would’ve powered the vehicle if it was produced. Sadly, the production never happened & people also forgot the car.

4. Hindustan Mini Ambassador

Hindustan Ambassador Mini

Yes, you read that right ! At some point, there were talks of a mini ambassador i.e., a sub-4-meter Ambassador. Hindustan motors were trying to cash in on the trend when there were only few such cars in market. What happened to this concept is pretty much unknown, but it seems that cancellation of this concept was the decision in right direction as it could’ve hampered the legacy of the classic ambassador.

5.Mahindra Udo Concept

Indian concept car
Mahindra UDO

Don’t get confused, this isn’t a space vehicle. It is Mahindra’s two-seater electric vehicle which seems inspired by Renault’s Twizy EV. This two-seater mobility pod is meant to be driven on congested urban roads in polluted environment. This concept grabbed attention from people for its size, looks & advanced tech inside enclosed cabin. But that was it. There is no official word if the production of this concept has started or not.

That’s it guys !! These were the five interesting concepts that never made into production line. If you know more, tell us in the comments below.

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