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Foreign Tourist Performed Stunts on Parra Road In Goa

Foreign Tourist Performed Stunts on Parra Road In Goa

Most Indians want to visit Goa as a tourism destination. However, the persistent misunderstanding of regulations by visitors and the repetition of blunders make the locals unhappy, especially when no police action is taken. In a similar case, European visitors were captured on video attempting stunts on Goa’s renowned Parra road. Since the photos went viral, residents have been calling for police intervention.

The famed Parra Road in Goa has constantly been in the headlines since Bollywood’s Dear Zindagi and a TV Series were filmed there. The scenic road leading to St. Anne’s church has a black topped road with palm palms lined on both sides. Foreigners riding motorbikes were recently captured performing stunts on the same road. The photograph by Herald Goa shows a photographer on a motorcycle following the foreigner on her motorcycle and filming a video.

Locals have now urged police action against the foreigners, as well as RTO action to apprehend these stunters on public highways. However, there has been no formal police action or even a statement from the law enforcers against the foreigners.

Parra Road is a well-known tourist attraction.

Even if a lovely route like the Parra Road can be found in many other areas in Goa, the mention of Parra Road in every other Goa blog makes it popular. People rush to the Parra Road to take photos and films since it is a one-lane road with no parking or a physical divider. It produces a traffic delay and a traffic congestion.

The local village council recently imposed a Rs 1,000 rubbish and entertainment fee on tourists. The panchayat also recruited numerous young people to collect taxes. The Parra Panchayat emphasised that anyone involved in video production must pay the levy. According to the panchayat, shooting causes a lot of rubbish and traffic disruption in the neighbourhood.

Because of the heavy traffic in the region, residents have long requested police intervention. However, the townspeople are divided over what they desire. While many residents are willing to forgive such incidents because Goa is a tourist destination and such incidents are unavoidable, many others believe that tourists should pay special attention to the regulations. What are your thoughts? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Driving on the sands
For a long time, Goans have complained about visitors driving on local beaches. Taking automobiles on the Goan beaches is illegal, although many out-of-state tourists do so on a daily basis. Many visitors’ automobiles have been caught and impounded in the past, and this pattern has not altered.


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