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Nissan GT-R With Rare $20k Bodykit Smacks Into A Tree After Leaving University Car Show

While exiting a car event, the driver of a Nissan GT-R with a special body modification lost control and slammed into a tree.

The event occurred following the C3 auto exhibition at Central Connecticut State University on Sunday, April 10. According to recordings released on social media sites like Youtube and Reddit, the Japanese supercar won “Best in Show,” but the driver swiftly became the loser after exiting the competition.

As he departs the event, the driver slams on the gas, wanting to show off a stunning powerslide to the audience. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong when the AWD GT-(probably) R’s cold tyres throw it into a tank slapper, leading the driver to over-correct.

The GT-R came with a Varis “Kamizake-R Ver. 2 Super Sonic” body package, which, according to the website, is worth $20,775, assuming we’re looking at the right model. While the modification isn’t billed as making the automobile seem like a certain pony car, it does appear to make the driver act as if he were driving one.

Fortunately, the driver was unharmed since the airbags deployed as predicted, but we’re sure his ego, not to mention his cash, was severely damaged.

In the comments section of an Instagram post, the owner identified himself as @safran NVP and indicated that he will fix the car and most likely sell it. There’s a chance the body package may be salvaged and fitted on another vehicle, but the GT-R is almost certainly a total loss.

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