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  Nissan Z Prototype Spotted Again With Camouflaged Front Bumper

A prototype Nissan Z with enigmatic camouflage on its front bumper surfaced about a week ago. Members of the New Nissan Z forum have spotted this prototype, or one very much like it, once more, and these fresh, more frontal photographs reveal the bumper in much greater detail.

The peculiar use of camouflage in this design was what caught the most attention. It was assumed that the revised bumper might be a commercial rendition of the split grille design shown on the Z Customized Proto concept.

Similar to that grille, opinions on the standard Z’s front end have varied. While some think it pays a great homage to a 240Z with the bumper removed, others think the gaping rectangle looks out of place on the otherwise curvy form of the car. If the Z Customized Proto-inspired alternative bumper is eventually produced for this car, it will hopefully appease the latter group.

However, some forum users are beginning to think that this might be a Nismo variation, if not at least a testbed for future performance components, based on several new elements that are now evident in these fresh photographs. Given how similar these two vehicles are underneath, such as the seats, many people have wondered what else might have been transferred from the hotter 370Z. The seats, for instance, appear to be the exact same Recaro bucket seats that were in the 370Z Nismo.


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