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Spyker Brand Set to Return in 2022 Like a Zombie

This year, the former owner of Saab, a Dutch sports car manufacturer, will try again to create automobiles.

Look who’s back: it’s Spyker again. According to a press release issued on Friday, a Russian investment group led by Michael Pessis and Boris Rotenberg would resurrect the Dutch sports car manufacturer with a chequered past.

Spyker was founded in 1999, but has since been beset by bankruptcies, the most recent of which occurred in January 2021. (If you don’t recall, it also owned Saab for a brief period of time.) This investment group worked out a deal with Spyker to resurrect the company. Carbon fibre bodywork will be manufactured in Russia, engineering teams will be based in Germany and Russia, and final assembly will take place in the Netherlands, where Spyker has been based for many years.

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If everything goes according to plan, Spyker will resume producing handcrafted sports cars. And it’s not just one model. The C8 Preliator will be produced alongside a D8 Peking-to-Paris SUV and the B6 Venator, according to the investment firm. The C8 Preliator was one of the last vehicles shown by Spyker before it completely vanished from the map in 2017. The D8 Peking-Paris concept could be a modified version of the earlier D12 proposal from 2006. The B6 Venator was also supposed to be released in 2013, but it never happened.

All three, though, are back on the table as of next year. During its moments of financial stability, Spyker only produced 265 road cars, and its new owners are anxious to add to that number. According to Pessis and Rotenberg, every car will have a V8 engine. Hybrids are on the way, but Spyker’s new owners want the internal-combustion engine to play a large role in the company.

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