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Taiwan Car Brands – All Taiwan Car Manufacturers

Despite the fact that Taiwanese manufacturers are concentrating on other areas of production, the country’s vehicle industry is not as developed as it could be. It’s used by a lot of brands, which we’ll go over in this article.

Although Taiwan is considered a province of China, this small sovereign island has many original national items to be proud of, like the cars it exports around the world.

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1. CMC

Taiwan car brands СМС logotype

Founded: 13 June 1969
Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan
Parent: Yulon Motor
Website: www.china-motor.com.tw

China Motor Corporation (CMC) is a Taiwan-based factory that produces a lot of local cars, including many Mitsubishi models, as well as the whole range of “localized” machines. For example, CMC Varica (1988-2005) is a local version of the Mitsubishi Minicab truck of 1984 model. The modern version is called CMC Veryca (since 2005) and is in good demand among the local population.

Being founded in 1969, by 1984, the factory produced its 100,00th vehicle. It has been investing in Chinese automobile companies, and iin 2005, the company received approval from the Chinese government, and concluded an agreement with DaimlerChrysler to assemble minivans for the mainland market.

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2. Kuozui

Taiwan car brands Kuozui logotype

Founded: 1984
Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan
Parent: Hino Motors, Hotai Motors, Toyota
Website: www.kuozui.com.tw

Kuozui Motors is a Taiwanese car-assembling organization that fabricates Toyotas under license for the locals only. It started as a subsidiary of Hino Motors and Hotai Motors. The enterprise was spun off and wound up autonomous during the 1980s. Toyota still invests vigorously in the company’s generation area, growing Taiwanese plants.

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3. Luxgen

Taiwan car brands Luxgen logotype

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Sanyi, Miaoli County, Taiwan
Owner: Kenneth Yen
Parent: Yulon Motor
Website: www.luxgen-motor.com.tw

Luxgen Motors is a division of the Taiwanese group of companies Yulon Motor, which was established in January 2009 and specializes in the development of premium cars. The appearance of its own brand was preceded by many years of experience in licensed assembly of cars of famous brands: since the 60’s, Yulon Motor conveyors were used by Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz cars.

From the first day of work, Luxgen’s management has bet on cooperation with leading engineering companies and manufacturers of automotive components.

The first model launched under the Luxgen brand in August 2009 was Luxgen MPV. In 2012, Luxgen launched the Laxgin5 sedan based on the Neora EV concept car presented at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2011. Expanding the model range, the company is actively exporting cars to the international market.

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4. SYM

Taiwan car brands SYM logotype

Founded: 1954
Headquarters: Hukou, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Parent: ‎Sanyang Motor
Website: www.sym-global.com

Sanyang Motor Co (SYM) is a company specializing in the production of motorcycles and automobiles. It was founded in 1954 in Taipei by Juan Chi-Chun and Chiang Goan. The company’s headquarters was founded in Xinju, Taiwan, and sells two-wheeler transport under the brand name SYM. The three main production bases of Sanyang are located in Taiwan, China and Vietnam. The company manufactures and sells scooters, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles under the brand name SYM, and also manufactures cars and mini trucks under the brand name Hyundai. Since its foundation, the company has produced over  800,000 cars and 16 million scooters and motorcycles. (zorafestival.org)

5. Thunder Power

Taiwan car brands Thunder Power logotype

Founded: 1987
Headquarters: Hong Kong, China
Owner: Wellen Sham
Website: www.tpev.com

Thunder Power is a Taiwan electric car start up that plans to produce the analogue of Tesla cars. Initially, the company specialized on production of electric instruments, but switched to cars at the beginning of 21st century.

The company’s flagman car is an electric sedan that will be available for ordering with one of two output options – 308 or 428 hp. The manufacturer claims that the more powerful version can accelerate to a “hundred” in less than five seconds. Maximum speed is 250 km/h.

Weighing about two tons, the car is equipped with a set of lithium-ion batteries of increased density (own development of Power Thunder) with a capacity of 125 kilowatt-hours. The company claims that on one charge the car will be able to overcome the distance of 650 km.

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6. Tobe

Taiwan car brands Tobe Motor logotype

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Miaoli County, Taiwan
Parent: Yulon Motor
Website: www.yulon-motor.com.tw

One of the most elegant Taiwanese microcarriages has been produced under the Tobe M’car brand since 2009 by Yulon Motor in Miaoli. The development of the model was carried out with the support of “Geely LC”. The machines were prepared for sales in Vietnam and Taiwan, but later dispersed around the world.

In 2010 Tobe M’car went through restyling and began to be produced in two versions – with different engine capacity – 1.3 and 1.5 liters. However, Tobe M’car 1.5 became more widespread, probably because the car made an experimental run of 1412 km, which took more than 40 hours. Transport has a pleasant appearance – both outside and inside, the designers really tried to be famous and created a comfortable and cozy car.

7. Yulon Motor

Taiwan car brands Yulon Motor logotype

Founded: 1953
Headquarters: Miaoli County, Taiwan
Owner: Yen family
Website: www.yulon-motor.com.tw

Registered in September 1953 as a mechanical engineering company, today Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. is part of the Yulon Group’s Taiwanese conglomerate.

The company has made a significant contribution to the development of the Taiwanese automotive industry, largely thanks to the support of the government. At an early stage of its existence, Yulon was looking for foreign partners, and in 1956, the U.S. brand Willys, specializing in the production of off-road vehicles, agreed to share its technology with the Taiwanese company.

In 1956, Yulon released its first model (jeep) and began producing engines.

1957 was marked for Yulon by the beginning of long-term cooperation with Nissan, and in 1960 the company began assembling the Nissan Bluebird. While the main focus was on the production of Nissan and other brands under license, Yulon developed and in 1986 produced a compact five-door car Feeling 101 (Yulon returned to the production of fully original products in 2009 with the launch of Luxgen brand). Before the appearance of the Nissan Cefiro A32 sedan (in February 1996), all Nissan licensed vehicles were sold under the Yue Loong (Yulon after 1992) brand.

Yulon has worked closely with Nissan since 1957. After the adoption of the Taiwanese Automotive Industry Development Act (AIDA) in 1985, Nissan became the owner of a 25% stake in Yulon. In 2003, as part of the restructuring, a separate structure was established under the name Yulon-Nissan Motor Co.

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