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How Tata Motors Became Second Largest Truck Maker Globally ?

Tata Motors has a comprehensive history that covers the wide range of cars, buses, trucks and defense vehicle. They are recognize as the leading automobile manufactures in the world today. Tata Motors export their buses and trucks to 46 countries around the globe. For the past several years there have been a bumpy drive for the sales of trucks and buses globally. Due, to shortage of semi conductors chips car and truck makers suffers a loss at global stage.

The homegrown car manufacturer continues to cruise along the smooth pathway to become the second largest truck maker around the world beating biggest rivalry like Mahindra and Daimler at international market. Lets take a look how they become second most truck maker company.

1. History

Tata Launched Its First Mercedes Diesel Truck Telco | 1954

Founded by Jamshetji Tata in the year 1868 the company started to manufacture road dampers, locomotive engines and chassis for trucks. In 1954 Tata had a joint venture with German company Daimler to manufacture Mercedes-Benz trucks in India. This was the time that the company launched its first commercial vehicle.

Tata established its first mobility firm known as Tata Engineering and Locomotives Company (TELCO) in a collaboration with Daimler-Benz AG. The joint venture help them to produce more than thousands of trucks in 1960. The owner of first Mercedes-Benz Diesel truck Sardar Kartar Singh was presented with the key of 1,00,000th truck. This venture comes to end in 1969.

The owner of first Mercedes-Benz Diesel truck Sardar Kartar Singh was presented with the key of 1,00,000th truck

2. Set-Up of First Assembly Line Outside India

The 1st Tata branded truck rolls out, ending the collaboration with Daimler Benz, Germany.

In 1991, the company entered into a joint venture with Nitol Motors to set up first assembly line outside India. In the following years, the company grew its assembly operations in different countries like Bangladesh, South Africa and Nigeria.

3. Tata 407- A Global Hit

Tata 407 | 1986

Tata began to establish its assembly line across 20 countries. This was the huge achievement for India as well to the automotive world. In 1986 the company launched its most successful truck 407 that shattered Indo-Japanese competitors like Eicher- Mitsubishi, DCM Toyota, Sawraj Mazda and Allwyn-Nissan.

This truck made Tata Motors a star. The truck alone exported to various countries like Vietnam, Africa, Senegal, Ukraine, Jakarta and Tunisia.

Soon, they became as one of the Asia’s biggest truck manufacturer company . With the presence of over 70 countries Tata soon acquires 30% shares in commercial vehicle segment. This was the first time Tata acquire stakes in commercial automotive world globally.

4. Rise Of Tata Daewoo

Tata Daewoo | 2004

Tata Motors was the first Indian truck company listed on New York Stock Exchange in the year 2004. The company also acquires South Korean truck manufacturer firm Daewoo in this year. Together, the company achieved greatest milestone in trucks sales beating Japanese-Chinese brand and became the second most truck manufacturer in South Korea along with South Africa, SAARC Nations and the Middle East.

5. Tata Marcopolo S.A.

Tata Marcopolo Bus | 2006

Tata Motors joins hands with the Brazil- Based Marcopolo S.A. and launched the Tata Marcopolo Bus in the following year. The company also established its first national sale company in Thailand which marks the global recognition in the automotive and commercial vehicles world.

6. Tata Hispano

Tata Hispano | 2009

Tata Motors acquires Spanish bus and coach manufacturer Hispano Carrocera in the year 2009. This started the Star bus and Global range of buses manufactured by this new joint venture.

7. Rising Globally

Tata Commercial

In 2011, Tata Motors Indonesia was finally setup as a fully owned subsidiary of Tata Motors. The company produced a lot of successful trucks in the following year. In 2012, the company laid foundation to produce next generation platforms for heavy trucks, Tata Prima became the biggest commercial vehicle hit after Tata 407.

In 2014 Tata changed its trucks manufactured line and developed more powerful trucks which produces more power and torque. These series of machinery includes the new Tata Ultra, Tata Signa , LPT in the international markets.

Tata Motors acquires about 73% shares in the sales of trucks and buses. It is the second largest truck manufacturer company in the world. Tata Motors have vehicle assembly operations in India, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Bangladesh, South Korea, Spain and Thailand and Africa.

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