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The Mercedes-AMG ONE banned in the USA for Roads – Costs $2.7 million F1 Car

Supercar uses a Formula One engine and can hit 219 mph

Mercedes-Benz has turned Formula One into a stock car racing series.

The automaker has unveiled the Mercedes-AMG ONE, a supercar powered by a street-legal version of the engine used in its championship-winning F1 cars.

Mercedes-AMG is Mercedes-Benz’s performance and racing division.

The two-seat coupe features a 1.6-liter V6 with an electric motor-assisted turbo mounted amidships.

It also has another electric motor between the engine and a 7-speed transmission, and two more powering the front wheels.

The combined output of the powertrain is 1,049 hp, making it the most powerful Mercedes-Benz of all time and more powerful than the actual F1 car.

The turbo’s electric motor alone is rated at 221 hp and helps spin it up to reduce lag as the exhaust pressure builds.

The ONE can accelerate to 186 mph in 15.6 seconds and hit a top speed of 219 mph.

Active aerodynamics including a deployable rear wing and gill-like vents on top of the fenders are engineered to increase downforce for better handling at high speeds on a track.

The car is also capable of driving short distances in a hybrid mode that uses only the front motors until more power is needed, a which point the engine fires up, with the result being a top fuel economy rating of 27 mpg on the European test cycle.

And it won’t be getting an EPA rating, because it’s not street legal in the U.S. Mercedes-Benz said that “in order to preserve the unique character of its Formula 1 powertrain, we have concluded that meeting U.S. road standards would significantly compromise its performance and its overall driving character.”

Mercedes-AMG will only sell 275 examples of the ONE at $2.7 million each, but don’t get out your checkbook, because they are all already sold out.


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