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This Rare 2021 Koenigsegg Regera Has $1 Million In Options Alone

It’s fair to say that the Koenigsegg Regera is a car that consistently attracts a lot of attention. This particular 2021 Regera grabbed our attention when it recently appeared for sale in Texas. It is finished in a shimmering shade called Candy Liquid Blue and accented with gold trim.

Only 80 of this machine were made, and we have no clue if any of them resemble this one, making it extremely rare to even see in public, let alone at auction. To put that insane number in perspective, the Regera is listed as having $1 million in optional extras, which is roughly equal to the McLaren P1’s as-new sticker price… for the entire car.

Some of those options, according to the window sticker displayed with the auction, include the following: $12,200 for Gold Leaf striping in just the rear winglets (striping in other parts of the car is an additional option that costs over $200,000); $14,500 for aluminium interior trim; $57,000 for the wheels plus an additional $30,000 for carbon wheels with gold; and $23,450 for clear carbon side air intakes. These are some of the more affordable options. According to the auction offering, the Ghost Package is an aero add-on and has a list price of $285,000. Additionally, it has the Environmental Power Upgrade, which actually improves the Regera’s capacity to use E85 fuel rather than the environment.

This model’s overall output of 1,757 horsepower comes from that option. A twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V8 and three electric engines are used in the Regera. Only the back wheels receive power from the direct-drive single-gear transmission used by Koenigsegg. The listing notes that in addition to the double wishbones and Ohlins coilovers, this vehicle also has the Triplex rear suspension with a third damper. Additionally, because it is a Koenigsegg, it has a lot of gold trim on otherwise unremarkable items, such as the gasoline cap.

There’s no information on who owns the car, but it shows 615 miles on the odometer and is offered for consignment through a dealership. The window sticker shows a new purchase price of $3.2 million; this car is already at $2.6m with eight days still to go as we post this article, so there’s certainly lots of time for the sale price to go considerably higher.  

Source: Bring A Trailer


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