Top 7 Most Expensive License Plates Available In California


California started offering personalised licence plates for cars owned by residents and businesses in 1972, which is 50 years ago. California changed its regulations in 2015 to permit plates to be turned over directly to new owners, which allowed aftermarket sales to flourish. With over 35 million vehicles currently on the road in the state, the demand for more uncommon configurations like low numbers, condensed messages, and unabbreviated words is rising. Worldwide, plate sales are a significant industry, but they are particularly significant in the UAE, where the top 10 plate sales range from $3 million to the record-breaking $14.3 million. California has the following licence plates to compete in that field:

Expensive License Plates In CaliforniaPrice (USD)
GO VIRAL$3,500,000 
CASH $2,000,000 

1. 888 – ??? 

The 888 licence plate, which may be the most recognisable number in the entire world, has just recently been located in California after years of searching. Michael Modecki, the creator of, declared that this plate had tremendous international appeal. I think this plate will be kept for generations once it is purchased. Because “to make a fortune” is a word associated with the number 8 in Chinese culture, 888 is particularly appealing to wealthy people and major corporations. A plate like this raises the rarity and value of your collection to a whole new level if you’re a well-known collector like David Lee.

2. MM – $24,300,000 

The MM plate, which is recognised as one of the most valuable licence plates in the world, continues to generate buzz in the automotive community. With plate sales being a significant industry in other nations, the release of MM brought attention to California’s expanding plate market. The purchase of this plate would surpass the current world record held by Abu Dhabi (even adjusted for inflation). Only 12 symmetrical pairs are available in California, and one of them is MM. The ideal gift would not only be TV gold on Bling Empire, but it would also make business mogul Don Morris and his wife Mimi household names in the world of luxury.

3. MD – $12,000,000 

In California, there are only 676 two-letter licence plates out of 35 million total registrations (there are no 1 character plates available to the public). A few of the most valuable acronyms are those with a strong brand. In this instance, a select group of highly intelligent and wealthy individuals hold the title of MD. Some physicians, like Paul Nassif, achieve celebrity status, and this plate is the height of exclusivity and status.

4. GO VIRAL – $3,500,000 

One of the few two-word plates that can fetch a premium, this is the ultimate objective of any YouTuber or social media influencer. The design and purpose of each plate makes it a one-of-a-kind collector item. Plates should be completely logical in a market where Pokemon cards fetch seven figure prices and develop into wearable collectibles. The cars may change when automotive influencers like Alex Choi switch up their inventory, but a plate like this is timeless.

5. CASH – $2,000,000 

This plate was purchased in 1972 within hours of personalised plates going on sale. It contains a rare four-letter word that is ideal for a luxurious lifestyle in the spotlight. During the height of the computer hardware revolution, the owner (Cash) was one of the first patent attorneys in Silicon Valley to patent semiconductors. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were among the people he knew. Now, picking up this 1-of-1 for a player like YoungBoy NBA, whose star is rising quickly, seems rather poetic for someone who will never be broke again.

6. CINEMA – $1,895,000 

Paul Aratow, a director and producer best known for the 1984 movie Sheena, in which Tanya Roberts played the Queen of the Jungle, previously owned this six-letter plate. Prior to his passing in 2015, he gave his daughter Gabriella ownership of the licence plate, and she is now looking for the next owner to continue the Hollywood provenance. Maybe Tarantino will take care of this plate in the future as it writes its own chapter in history.

7. COMPOSE – $1,200,000 

The last time this seven-letter plate was purchased, in the early 1980s, it was owned by the same person for almost 40 years. COMPOSE is appropriate for California culture and can be used in a variety of creative fields, such as music, film, and photography. David Foster, for example, could accept this award and add it to his 16 Grammys.


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