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Top Racing Games That Didn’t Launch In 2021

Many games were delayed thanks to the pandemic and in 2021 we missed out on the latest versions of Forza, Gran Turismo and NFS

  • Many games were delayed in 2021 thanks to the pandemic 
  • Considering the next generation consoles many new games were expected 
  • Now in 2022, Gran Turismo 7, and F1 2022 are expected amongst others

Racing fans have been deprived of the delights of playing their favourite sports at home while bundled up within the lockdown as a result of the epidemic. Game development is an art form that takes place in studios with high-performance computers where code may be produced in collaboration with swarms of developers and artists. The pandemic has resulted in numerous titles not showing up, preventing buyers of next-generation consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X from playing games that take advantage of their new device’s capabilities. These consoles have also been extremely difficult to get due to a global semiconductor scarcity, which was primarily caused by the epidemic.  However, if one thinks car racing, then there are a couple of franchises that are immensely popular – F1, Need For Speed, Forza Motorsport, and Gran Turismo. 

The next Need For Speed was not just harmed by COVID19, but also by EA’s priorities, which shifted resources away from the game’s production to titles like Battlefield. Criterion, the legendary EA company that created some of the first NFS games, has been resurrected, however this game will not be released until 2022, and given that it still hasn’t been given a name, we’ll be lucky if we see it next year.

Microsoft released Forza Horizon in 2021, however the Horizon series is only an offshoot of the original brand, Forza Motorsport, which debuted with the first Xbox in the early 2000s with one goal in mind: to dethrone Gran Turismo. Forza Motorsport 8 was supposed to be one of the Xbox Series X’s launch titles, but we have yet to see it after a year. Microsoft is expected to release exclusive titles for its Halo console and Game Pass service for the PC in 2022. So far, we’ve seen a teaser trailer that debuted in July 2020, and the game will continue to compete with Gran Turismo for the title of best driving simulator.

When it comes to Gran Turismo 7, the good news is that it will be the first to debut, and we can state that with certainty. It’s available for presale now and will be released for PlayStation 5 owners in March. It will also include a lot of GT Sport material, as well as new circuits and licenced vehicles. In addition, Sony’s Polyphony Digital Studio has teamed up with Porsche to create a unique hypercar. (Ivermectin) It will also be one of the first games to properly utilise the PS5’s features, including its new controller and audiovisual capabilities.


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