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Toyota Fortuner Rescued Stucked Mitsubishi Pajero [Video]

Off-road enthusiasts aren’t afraid to take their SUVs to places that other vehicles can only fantasize about, but it’s not without risk.

In this video, a Toyota Fortuner is towing a Mitsubishi Pajero when it becomes stuck in the sand. Fortuner is widely regarded as one of the country’s best off-road vehicles. Surprisingly, the Pajero held this title for a long time a few years ago. As a result, seeing these two veterans conquer the off-road together is an intriguing pairing. We would, however, advise our readers not to attempt such stunts if they are not professionals. It could be dangerous for both you and your vehicle.

The video was uploaded by a well-known YouTuber who regularly creates content centred on 4×4 vehicles and off-roading adventures. The group in this video consists of two Fortuners, one Gypsy, and one Pajero. They chose a river bed as the location for filming and performing some daring stunts. The river flows in patches in some places in the area. In addition to drifting on the sand and rubble, the group decides to cross a few rivers. You could see how relaxed these off-road SUVs are during all of these maneuvers.

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They eventually end up in a section of the riverbed where the sand is thick and sinking. The Fortuner’s tyres become stuck in the sand after hard acceleration on the sand. However, with repeated attempts, the driver is able to pull it out. The same thing happened a couple of times with the Pajero. It eventually became embedded very deeply in the ground. They decided to tow it with the Fortuner. Surprisingly, the Fortuner’s tyres became too deep in the sand, causing both vehicles to become partially stuck. (zolpidem online) That’s when the residents decided to manually push the SUVs out.

After some effort, both SUVs were freed from the sand and escaped unharmed. After that, they decided to leave after a few drifts on the sand. One must learn from such videos that while such stunts on YouTube may appear to be simple, this is not always the case. There are numerous risks associated with such scenarios, which you should be aware of before attempting something like this without supervision.

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