Types Of Chassis In Bikes | Types Of Motorcycle Chassis

Types Of Chassis In Bikes

Different Types Of Chassis Used In Bikes

The chassis frame is one of the most important part in any automobile. It hold significance not only for design but also strength of an automobile. In motorbikes, different types of chassis frames are used. All these types of chassis used in bikes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Notably all the types of frames can be easily classified by construction and application. Let’s have a look.

  1. Backbone frame
  2. Single Cradle Frame
  3. Double Cradle Frame
  4. Perimeter Frame
  5. Trellis Frame
  6. Monocoque Frame

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1. Backbone Frame

Types of frames in bikes
Backbone Frame

The Backbone frame is one of the most basic and simplest type of motorcycle frame. As the name suggest it acts as the spine of the bike and holds all the components in place. It is very economical to produce and used in budget motorcycles. They are used in bikes like Honda CB92 Benly, Honda CD100 & Honda Hornet.

2. Single Cradle Frame

Single Cradle Frame

This type of frame employs only single down-tube therefore they are called as Single Cradle frame. They are also known as single downtube or diamond frame. It is also one of the affordable chassis frame but offers stability and strength which the backbone frame lacks. TVS Star City, Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Classic 500 make use of this type of frame.

3. Double Cradle Frame

Types of chassis in bikes
Double Cradle Frame

As you have seen a single cradle frame has just one steel tube going down to support the engine. However, in a double-cradle frame two tubes going down are used to support the engine. This provides more strength and rigidity to the chassis frame. It can be widely seen in use in the Indian market. Royal Enfield Continental GT650 and Bajaj Pulsar 220F make use of the Double Cradle frame.

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4. Perimeter Frame

Perimeter Frame

The goal of this design is to create the shortest path between the most stressed parts of any motorcycle. This gives maximum stiffness and stability to the frame. Notably, it also gives sharper handling characteristic to the bike. The Bajaj Pulsar 200NS, Honda CBR1000RR and the Bajaj Dominar 400 uses the Perimeter Frame.

5. Trellis Frame

Trellis Frame

The trellis frame uses number of short sized steel or aluminum tubes welded together. It’s also relatively simpler to manufacture yet effective. This helps to make the chassis lightweight but rigid. It is used in the most modern bikes like the KTM and Ducati bikes.

6. Monocoque Frame

Monocoque Frame

Although Monocoque frames are widely used in cars, bike manufacturers have used them in motorcycles too. In this type of frame entire skeletal structure is made of a single, super-stiff piece of metal. However, they are lightweight and gives torsional rigidity they are expensive to manufacture. They are used in high performance bikes like Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14.

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