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How Global NCAP Gets Cars For Testing | Who Pays For NCAP Test

Not so long, vehicle safety was not a big issue for most of the vehicle buyers in India. There were vehicles that didn’t have airbags. But now the things have changed significantly in recent years with developing awareness about vehicle safety among buyers.

Global NCAP has contributed a significant major part in making vehicle safety awareness in India. Crash tests led by Global NCAP and resulting have contributed to making awareness. With video proof of crash tests and evaluation of safety perimeters, purchasers have had the option to all the more likely understand the significance of vehicle safety. But How Does Global NCAP Gets Cars For Testing and Who Pays For NCAP Test

How Global NCAP Works

As it’s a private, autonomous association, there could be inquiries regarding its working and targets. For instance, a few users had questioned in case NCAP is particular in its way to deal with do the accident tests. To achieve more transparancy, Global NCAP has uncovered the complete process of how vehicles are secured for testing under the Voluntary Test Procedure. Under this, Global NCAP’s testing process is started when it gets a request from the automaker. This is a totally intentional strategy wherein an OEM will request a particular model to be tried.

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AUDI A7 Crash test
AUDI A7 EURO NCAP crash test

Who Pays For The NCAP Test

It is clear that vehicles are totally destroyed during crash tests. What’s more, there are possible numerous units utilized for tests like front facing sway, side effect, and so on. Adding to that is the expense of crash test gear, which incorporates both equipment and programming. Labor costs additionally should be thought of. When the crash tests are finished, Global NCAP sends the receipt to the vehicle manufacturer.

The receipt records every one of the applicable costs identified with doing the crash tests. These are then repaid by the producer. It isn’t clear who bears the bill when the accident test isn’t deliberate. With expanded awareness about vehicle safety, OEMs are quick to further develop safety of their vehicles. As of now, we have seen a few vehicles accomplish 5-star and 4-star security rating in NCAP tests. At this point, the most secure vehicle in India according to Global NCAP is Tata Punch.

What If Manufacturer Dont Send Their Cars For Test


Global NCAP has not uncovered how they get vehicles when an OEM doesn’t move toward them. For instance, Maruti had expressed in the past that they don’t need their vehicles to get tested by Global NCAP. In any case, and still, at the end of the day, there are Maruti vehicles which have been crash tested by Global NCAP.

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