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Why is Volkswagen Not Launching the New Polo in India?

Volkswagen was known in India for producing quick cars with high build quality. Its automobiles, such as the Polo and the Vento, were once the most popular. Both cars, however, were not updated enthusiastically due to the brand’s lacklustre behaviour. The Polo appears to be out of date at the moment. A entirely new generation of car is coming to the global markets. The vehicle boasts a new platform, interior, and features. Volkswagen, however, is not intending to offer the latest generation of Polo in India, according to current rumours. We will cover some of the reasons why the new generation Polo will not be offered in India in today’s article.

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1. Fulfilling the Demand for SUV

SUVs have unquestionably dominated the market. The majority of purchasers are now considering purchasing an SUV. Volkswagen, like the rest of the industry, is concentrating on producing SUVs. The company’s R&D department is primarily focused on the creation of their new SUV lineup. This is one of the main reasons why the latest Polo generation may not be available in India.

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2. Sub 4 Metre Rule

The Polo’s length has been expanded by 82mm in the latest edition. The next generation Polo has a length of 4,053mm, which exceeds the four-metre mark. In India, the excise duty on cars with a length of less than four metres is 20%, while the charge on cars with a length of more than four metres is 24%. This is one of the reasons why the new Polo may not be available in India, since the brand would have to adapt the entire vehicle to fit within this boundary.

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3. Pricing

If the corporation is unable to launch a vehicle longer than four metres, it may be forced to conduct R&D for its new frame in order to reduce its size, as previously said. This may potentially result in a price increase for this vehicle. If the business decides to launch the new Polo in India, the car’s price may rise due to taxation. The pricing will be significantly higher than the competition in both circumstances. As a result, the latest generation of Polo may not be available in India.

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