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10 Chinese Copycat Bikes | Famous Chinese Cloned Bikes

Top 10 Copycat Chinese Bikes | 10 Famous Copied Bikes in China

China is famous all over world for manufacturing things from small toys to smartphones with latest technology. They also produce some of the biggest and famous bikes all over the world. Moreover, it is famous for creating copies of the big brand bikes like Ducati, Yamaha, KTM and Kawasaki. The design and the looks almost match the original ones. However, the price is very low and allows the chinese people to experience some of the world class bikes at a cheap price.

The manufacturer companies in china can easily copy the design of the bikes and is acknowledged and sold in the chinese market in great numbers. As we all know, copying a design of any bike is considered crime, However, not in China. No such copyright rule or regulation exists in china. Hence the designs are copied and sold in the market very easily. In this blog, we’ve made a list of Top 10 Copycat Bikes In China.



The UM Motors is an American Motorcycle automaker. The company also has some of it’s bikes launched in India like Ranigate Commando, Ranigate Sport Cruiser, etc. All of these bikes lie under the cruiser bike category. However, in China, UM has launched a clone of Ktm duke 250 which is named as Xtreet 250X. Many things like the Trellis frame design, Fuel tank shrouds, split seats and Rear mudguard.

2. C8 Tomahawk ( KTM Duke )

C8 Tomahawk

Another bike in our list which is a copy of KTM Duke and looks exactly like the it. The tomahawk is made by Chinese auto maker named jiajue. The replica was created before the original Duke was launched in China. It was launched in 3 variants consisting of 150 cc, 200 cc and 350 cc and looks quite attractive.

3. Gulsar ( Bajaj Pulsar )


One of the most famous bike in India by Bajaj was copied by Chinese manufacturer with a label of Gulsar. It is even sold in Latin America where the original pulsar is also sold. Moreover, the looks of Gulsar are exactly the same as the Bajaj Pulsar.

3. Jiangsu XINR ( Honda Goldwing )

The most famous and well known cruise bike, the Goldwing also called as the cruise of bikes is cloned and labelled as Jiangsu XINR. The Goldwing is powered by a huge 1.8 Litre petrol engine while there is a electric motor present in the Xinr.

4. Kengo R350 ( Kawasaki Ninja 300 )

Kengo R350

The Chinese manufacturer and automaker Kengo replicated the Japanese originated Kawasaki’s Ninja 300. It has a 320 cc engine that produces 23 bhp of power and 25 Nm of Torque while the Ninja 300 is powered by a 300 cc generating 39 bhp and 27 Nm Torque.

5. Wonjan WJ300 Space Ranger ( Ducati Panigale 1098 )

Wonjan WJ300 Space Ranger

This Chinese Ducati runs on a 300 cc engine and generates 19.58 bhp power and w4 Nm of torque. Besides the similar looks of the replica, the original Ducati paniqale has a powerful 1099 cc engine. Moreover, this engine produces a huge 160 bhp of power and 123 Nm of torque.

6. Jonway YY250 ( BMW F650 CS )

Jonway YY250

One of the BMW’s bikes contained a unique looking machine namely F650 CS ( city / street ), which was made from 2001 to 2005. However, it was the 3rd of it’s model and was copied by the Chinese automaker Jonway. It was named as Jonway YY250. However, it has a 250 cc motor which releases 16 bhp of power. On other hand, BMW has a 650 cc engine and generated 50 bhp of power and 63 Nm of Torque.

7. ZJMM R12 ( Honda CBR250 R )


The Honda CBR is one of the most famous bikes in India and was copied by the same company who created C8 Tomahawk. Chinese automaker Zehijang Jiajue launched the bike with 125 cc and 250 cc engine options. However, the Chinese CBR looks almost same as the original CBR 250 R bike, it cannot beat CBR inn performance.

8. Yayama R6 ( Yamaha R6 )

Yayama R6

Yamaha R6 is a 600 cc bike with a powerful 600 cc engine. While the Yamama R6 has a mere 150 cc engine which ofcourse has no match for the original bike. In addition to the looks, the name is also similar to that of original one.

9. Leike Thunderer ( BMW S1000R )

Leike Thunderer

One of the best bikes in the the world BMW S1000 RR is cloned by a Chinese automaker named Leike. Also, the looks of the bike are very much similar to that of mighty S1000 RR. The thunderer shares the shark like fins & similar headlamp arrangement which are very noticable.

10. NT 200 ( NS 200 )

NT 200

The Chinese NT 200 has a 197 cc engine that produces 17 bhp and 15 Nm of torque. While, the Bajaj Pulsar NS00 generates 23 bhp power and 18 Nm of torque. Both, front look and back look are copied in the NT200.


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