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12 Places to Visit within 100Km of Bangalore

Whether you live in Bangalore or are visiting, the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, has a lot to offer within 100 kilometres. There are many places to visit near Bangalore. A weekend gateway is required after the workdays for a relaxed experience. We don’t always want long trips; instead, we want a short break from our regular lives. The places to visit near Bangalore within 100 kilometres on your Electric scooter are exciting and fun.

Places to Visit within 100Km BangaloreDistance
Wonderla28 kms 
Bannerghatta National Park35 kms 
Manchanabele 42 kms 
Savandurga 55 kms 
Ramanagara 54 kms 
Makalidurga57 kms 
Nandi Hills61 kms  
Skandagiri62 kms  
Kanakpura62 kms  
Anthargange70 kms  
Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta72 kms  
Chunchi Falls84 kms  

1. Wonderla – 28 kms 

It is a Bangalore amusement park. Wonderla is one of the best places to visit within 50 kilometres of my home. This amusement park is popular not only among Bangaloreans, but also among visitors who come to the city for fun. Visitors can have a variety of experiences at the location. It has thrilling rides and VR experiences for an adrenaline rush, as well as a fantastic water park that is ideal for a weekend getaway. The restaurants, luxurious rooms, fine dining spaces, and heated pools make it an ideal location for everyone.

2. Bannerghatta National Park – 35 kms 

Explore the places near Bangalore that are within 100 kilometres of the central city on your electric scooter. Bannerghatta National Park has a wildlife park and covers 25,000 acres of land, making it an ideal tourist destination near Bangalore. The park includes a zoo, aquarium, children’s park, museum, butterfly park, and snake park, making it an interesting place to visit on a day trip. You can go on an elephant safari. A trip to this location on your electric scooter will be mind-blowing in every way.

3. Manchanabele  – 42 kms 

Manchanebele is one of the best places for short trips near Bangalore within 42 kilometres. This nature camp will refresh your life away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nature’s breathtaking beauty surrounds the location. It is a popular tourist destination within 100 kilometres of Bangalore. The location provides many adventurous and team-building activities for visitors to participate in and enjoy to the fullest. A perfect relaxing walk and watching the birds that inhabit this area make it a great place to enjoy a short weekend trip near Bangalore.

4. Savandurga  – 55 kms 

Savandurga is a beautiful destination within 100 kilometres of Bangalore. Take your Bajaj electric scooter to this location to explore the green lushes in all their glory. This place is Asia’s most significant monolithic hill, rising 1226 metres above sea level and making it a perfect weekend getaway. You can also investigate various rock formations such as the peninsular genesis, essential dykes, granites, and laterites. It is an ideal destination for exciting activities such as caving or kayaking, rappelling, and traversing. You must park your e-scooter at the bottom and walk to the hilltop, and you will not be able to complain about the breathtaking view that will steal your heart.

5. Ramanagara  – 54 kms 

Take your bajaj electric scooter price low compared to other e-scooters in this place, Ramanagar, with the numerous outdoor activities. It is one of the best locations within 100 kilometres of Bangalore. It is a rugged and barren landscape with granite rocky outcrops that provides an excellent experience for experienced rock climbers. This location is a popular adventurous destination for camping experiences, and it was the location of the famous Bollywood film. A trip on your Bajaj electric scooter will be an unforgettable experience and the ideal getaway.

6. Makalidurga – 57 kms 

There are many more challenges to consider when trekking this fantastic place if you are looking for exciting nearby destinations from Bangalore within 100 kilometres. The base trek is a railway station, and the Muthuraya Swamy temple is a starting point for the trek. The two-kilometer journey from the railway station to the temple is quite thrilling. A perfect one-day trip from Bangalore to this location is a difficult trek for all. The area is densely forested with green lemon grass and date palms, providing a panoramic view from the top, and it is impossible to miss.

7. Nandi Hills – 61 kms  

The distance between Bangalore and Nandi Hills is only 61 kilometres, making it ideal for a day trip. The sculpture of Nandi, the Bull, is housed in the Shiva temple at the foothills of the Nandi Hills. The sculpture is thought to be over 1000 years old. There is simply enough beauty in the places and views from the top to attract visitors from all over. The Nandi Hills are the source of the Palar, Pennar, and Arkavati rivers, which run through Tipu Sultan’s summer palace. There is a lot of history behind this place that should be seen, and it is a big draw here.

8. Skandagiri – 62 kms  

Among the best tourist destinations near Bangalore, 100 kms, a perfect weekend getaway is Skandagiri, a much more beautiful hill town which is much more famous for sightseeing and trekking. A moderately challenging trek is experienced as you choose this trek. Among the greens and the bushes, you’ll find the unique aspect of the hill that makes it a perfect weekend getaway. As you choose to trek to this destination, there is a gaze of the full moon which is a pretty popular activity among the trekkers to experience it. 

9. Kanakpura – 62 kms  

Kanakpura is one of the top places around Bangalore within 100 kms that offer adventurous sports activities. It is a breathtaking picturesque surrounding where the trees with the varied bird life inhabit and indulge in nature’s beauty. This famous Hosaddoddi lake in Kanakapura is where you can indulge in the water sport and relax. You can take a long trip into the greens without any hassle on your bajaj electric scooter. 

10. Anthargange – 70 kms  

A trip to this prominent location near Bangalore on your Bajaj electric scooter within 100 kilometres is the best trip ever! There is natural beauty and a paradise with a spectacular sunrise view. You can camp, listen to birds chirp, and explore the caves before trekking to the top hills for some enchanting ideas. The perfect combination of night trekking, stargazing, and even a relaxing night by the bin fire will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

11. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta – 72 kms  

The most popular spiritual tourist destination within 100 kilometres of Bangalore is Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta. This hill stop is a temple dedicated to Rangaswamy and rises 3780 feet above sea level. The location is 6 kilometres long and requires a moderate trek along a well-marked path. The ascent will help you navigate through the dense shrubs and forests. The location is 100 kilometres from Bangalore and is known for its wildlife, which roams freely. There is no danger in choosing the trip.

12. Chunchi Falls – 84 kms  

It is an underrated place, a perfect one day trip from Bangalore within 100 kms is ideal. Chunchi is the most popular tourist attraction. The cascading waterfalls from 100 feet through multiple tiers on the Arkavati River make a pool at the base. The collection, natural rock formations, and others dip into the feet or swim or play around! You can take your electric scooter on a trip near Harro Shivanahalli, located at the edge of Western Ghats. The waterfalls mark the best picturesque setting with the rocky hills and greenery. It is the best place near Bangalore within 85 kms. 


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