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AI-Designed Supercars Appear To Come From Nightmarish Dystopian Future


We don’t know what the future holds, with the exception of car electrification, which has already begun and has set deadlines. What about supercars? Sure, there are several electric hypercars on the market today, but what will future supercars from popular automakers look like?

That’s exactly what Veygo, a UK-based temporary car insurance provider, wanted to see. Veygo uses artificial intelligence (AI) to present a series of images that depict future supercars. The cars appear menacing, and it’s creepy to think that the AI thought this was the future.

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Looking at the images, we can’t help but think that these cars are from a dystopian future in which rich people rule over a world rife with hunger and despair. And these people have these vehicles in their garages. They aren’t particularly attractive, but they do appear exotic.

The Lamborghini, for example, appears to be a warped Aventador, whereas the Ferrari appears to be a sentient 488 Pista that survived a terrible crash. The Porsche 911 appears unsettling, owing to the AI’s expectation that the German manufacturer would eventually decide to change the design.

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Midjourney, an independent research lab focusing on design, human infrastructure, and AI, developed the AI used here. The website allows users to sign up and use their AI bot to “imagine” things, which Veygo did. We don’t know what algorithm was used to create these imagined supercars, but based on the results, we believe the AI wasn’t thinking of blue seas and green fields.

The Midjourney AI Lab website is free for the first 25 uses, after which it will ask you to subscribe if you want to continue using the AI tool.

Source: Veygo



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