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Why Australians and South Africans Love ❤️ Mahindra ?

In these areas, there are several lifestyle pickup trucks to choose from, but Mahindra has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. With its pickup vehicle, Mahindra entered the South African market in 2006, and the Australian market in 2009. It took some time for the locals to test the brand and become familiar with its personalities, features, and capabilities. Mahindra has been selling SUVs in these areas for over 16 years and currently sells a large number of them in our market.

Main reason of loving Mahindra vehicles especially pickups are

1. Engine reliability

Australians and South Africans love Mahindra

Mahindra is a leading diesel engine manufacturer. These Mahindra diesel engines are used for powering tractors, cars, utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, numerous industrial and marine applications. These engines are highly successful in genset market in India as well as overseas.

Also, Mahindra engines are known as the most fuel efficient and reliable engines in the market and can withstand long and tough working hours effortlessly. Mahindra engines deliver excellent low-end torque for good drivability and quick acceleration.

2. Solid build quality

Australians and South Africans love Mahindra

Pickup trucks are designed for hauling, their engines are optimized for strength and durability. These engines are created to carry extremely heavy objects without compromising the safety or the quality of your ride. The bed of the pickup truck is another feature that adds to durability. Because the beds are separate from the cab of the truck, it allows for a more flexible chassis. This makes it possible for the truck to pull, tow and haul heavier objects easily

Pickup trucks are built for safety, and because of this, may provide extra protection than the average car. The frames and bodies are built with strong metal that can keep you safe in case of an accident. Pickup trucks also sit higher that most standard automobiles allowing for a better view of the road. They also are built to handle better in bad weather, such as hail, heavy rain and snow.

3. Pricing

Australians and South Africans love Mahindra

It is the major factor for the increasing sale of Mahindra vehicles is its price point comparing to other vehicles manufacturers it comes at less price with more advantages. With a low maintenance cost, a high performing diesel engine and a great load-bearing capacity at economical fuel consumption along with a comfortable drive, the Mahindra Pick-up is a vehicle that provides great performance.


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