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Bugatti Mistral will have a Top Speed of 420Kmph

Bugatti has remained awfully quiet about the Mistral since unveiling the spectacular roadster last August during Monterey Car Week. Thankfully, the Chiron-based Mistral is once again making news, thanks to Molsheim employees who kindly provided updated information on the most recent W16-powered model.

The convertible hypercar has a “maximum speed” mode, just like the other 8.0-liter monsters.

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In 2013, the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse achieved a top speed of 408.84 km/h, but according to Bugatti, the Mistral is capable of much more. The new roadster has been designed to reach a stunning speed of at least 420 km/h, according to Emilio Scervo, chief technology officer of Bugatti Rimac. The rear spoiler automatically adjusts to reduce drag when the “maximum speed” mode is engaged.

The Centodieci, the Divo, and the Black Car are just a few of the unique models that served as design inspiration for the Mistral in addition to the Chiron, on which it is based. The Bolide’s X-shaped taillights also match those on the new roadster, giving the 1600-hp roadster’s back end perhaps its most striking angle.

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The Mistral is a 99-unit production run of Bugatti’s final W16 road car. Despite having a hefty price tag of 5 million euros, all units have already been sold. In addition to shipping track-only Bolides to their rightful owners, the French manufacturer expects to start making deliveries to customers in 2024. With a 40-copy limit, the extreme Chiron is relatively less expensive at “only” 4 million euros.


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