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Car Monsoon Accessories: Must-Have Car Accessories In Monsoon

Car Accessories For Rainy Season | Top Thing To Keep Your Car Safe During Rainy Season

It’s always important to keep your car protected during rains and other weather changes. Especially if you are driving in monsoons it’s obvious that your car will get dirt, mud, and that foul smell inside the car. For the same, car monsoon accessories are must to have for making your drive comfortable and pleasant.

So, if you are looking for some good ideas and suggestions for the rainy season car accessories you are at the right place. Let’s dig into it.

1. Full Body Car Cover

Car Covers

The must-have thing at the first preference is the car cover which can protect the car body from dust and rain. Car body cover can protect your car from dust, birds dropping, rain, snow, leaf, and other elements.

You can buy car covers according to your needs, and here are our suggestions for you.

  1. DROMIE CAR Cover with Side Mirror Pocket
  2. MOTROX™ Premium 190 Taffeta Double Color Car Cove
  3. Fabtec Car Body Cover for Maruti Dzire

2. Floor Mats

Another thing to consider in the monsoon is the floor mat. we can’t afford to make the car floor dirty at any cost after all it’s all about hygiene. there are tonnes of choices in floor mats like plastic and fabric mats. But we recommend plastic mats for the rainy season because they are easily washable, easy to clean, and hassle-free in the rainy season.

  1. Universal Car Floor Mat (Set of 4, Black)
  2. Euro Care 3D/4D Car Floor Mats
  3. Auto Snap Premium 3D/4D Car Floor Foot Mats 

3. Car Perfume

Car hygiene also includes the odor-free car cabin to make that everyday ride more comfortable and pleasant. If someone special is with you on a long monsoon ride then car perfume is the second thing they will observe after the overall looks of the car cabin. Some major brands offer a wide variety of car perfumes, but here are our suggestions

  1. Involve® Elements Aqua Spray Air Perfume
  2. Magic Jumbo Car Air Freshener for Portable Usage
  3. Sepia Alps Breeze Oil Base Car Air Freshener

4. Anti Fog Mirror Spray & Membrane

Fogging also creat problem while driving the windshield glass and rearview glass must be anti-fogging and rain repellant. There are sprays available in the market which make glass rain repellants. But you can also choose from an anti-fog membrane which is like a screen guard and easily applicable which lasts longer than the spray.

  1. Waterproof Film Rear View Mirror Side View Glass Anti-Fog 
  2. KlearFog Anti-Fog Spray for Car windshield 
  3. Sarte SM-F6 Original Waterproof Car Rear view Mirror & Side Window

5. Window Visors

It is another useful extra that avoids fog development. Window visors give prevention and furthermore stop wind going into the cabin. Utilizing the window visors the downpour won’t enter the lodge and you can open the windows with no issue.

  1. Caro Manic Rain Guard, Cum Visor, Cum Side Window Deflector 
  2. Car Window Door Visor/Rain Guard/Wind Deflector Non-Breakabke Felxible 

6. Tool Kits

Perhaps the main important thing you need to carry in your vehicle is an tool kit and survival packs. A portion of the vital apparatuses are screwdrivers, Pair of pliers, adjustable wrench, Pocketknife and so on. During rainy season the tool kit will assist you with getting out from a tricky circumstance. The survival kit comprises some fundamental things like jumpers, crisis lights, tow links, tires inflator, and some more.

  1. 40 pcs Tool Kit Set for Automobile Repair
  2. Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit – Multipurpose Emergency Pack
  3. Kitgo Car Emergency Kit, Premium Roadside Assistance Essentials 


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